Sci-Fi & Scary Kids Version: September 5th


This week Miss L and I started: says The Secret Garden has a:
Grade Level Equivalent of: 6.8
and is recommended for ages: 11-13

…Miss L is 6. So, you’d think she’d not be very interested in or, or not be able to keep up. You’d be wrong. She LOVES this story, and though the finer points go over her head, she understands enough of it to be able to have basic discussions with me about it.

We’re reading one to two chapters a night, and expect to be finished with it next week. She has already said she wants to do her own little Kids Corner review when she’s done.

…and… says Lily’s Pesky Plant has a:
Grade Level Equivalent of: 3.3
and is recommended for ages: 8-10

Miss L is not as interested in this one. Its at her reading level, so you’d think it would be more interesting to her, but she can’t seem to pay attention very long when I start reading it. I have a feeling its going to take us a while to get through it.

This week Miss L and I finished: says The Rabbids Invade Halloween has a:
Interest level of: 2-4 (no grade level recommendation)
and is recommended for ages: 7-9

This was a collection of 3 short stories: Frankenrabbid, Rabbid of the Opera, and Wererabbids. Miss L cackled over each of them, and I have to admit I chuckled myself. There’s just something about being forced to yell “BWAH! BWAH!” repeatedly that will have you snickering. It really is the perfect, fun little book to keep your little reader interested in reading.

4 Star Rated Review


(Disclaimer: We received free electronic copies of these books from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Disclaimer applicable for both Surf War and a Tale of Two Daddies. )

(Scholastic information Unavailable)

Surf War (by Margaret Read MacDonald )is a brief tale about a sandpiper and a whale trying to decide who is more numerous, and therefore should control the ocean. It ends with the moral of everyone having to work and live together because we share resources.

The moral is a good one. The pages are prettily illustrated. However, the prose is awkward. It wants to rhyme/does rhyme in some places, but then goes back to an almost clipped manner of prose, so it wasn’t the most comfortable read.

3 Star Rated Review


(Scholastic Information Unavailable)

A Tale of Two Daddies (by Vanita Oelschlager) was definitely too young for Miss L, but I would highly recommend it to parents who have younger children (anywhere up to 4 years old, I would think.)

Its illustrated with clean, simple lines and nice colors that don’t distract you from the story. There isn’t much OF a story, per say, as it really is just basic dialogue between a girl and her friend who has just learned she (the girl) has two daddies. However, there doesn’t need to be much of a story. This helps your child learn that a kiddo that has two mommies or two daddies gets just as much love and does just as many normal things as a child with a mommy and a daddy.

4 Star Rated Review


(Scholastic Information Unavailable)

Saying Goodbye to Lulu (Corinne Demaswas a book Miss L. picked out from her school library. Its about a girl and her best friend Lulu (who is obviously a dog) and the relationship as they both grow older, and Lulu eventually dies. Its a great book for helping kids come to terms with loss and finding ways to say goodbye, then moving on.

This is a wonderful book that treats animals with respect, and is helpful for kids who have experienced a loss.

5 Star Rated Review

Overall, its been a good first week back to school for Miss L, and a little bit of a slow reading week for her, but that’s to be expected with school starting up.