Kids’ Corner: Vice-President of Scifi and Scary

And for the latest edition of “What Miss L has said lately”…

We have a deal. She can get one trip to Applebees to have dessert once per month if she does 3 days of extra homework a week. Well, this particular night, I had carefully printed out the beginnings of a short story. She was to copy what I had written and then continue the story.

Now, I was trying to get a laugh out of her, so what I wrote was silly:

Basil Bath had a dog. His name was Herb. He was yellow with red spots. So was Herb.

L begins to copy it, then looks over at me, and says “I’m going to fix this, Mommy.”

“Fix what?”

“Your story. It doesn’t make sense.”

….edited by a 6 year old. *sigh*




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