Miss L Reviews “Trucks: Whizz! Zoom! Rumble!” by Patricia Hubbell

What’s it about?

Trucks: Whizz! Zoom! Rumble is a basic introduction to the types of trucks kids might see on the road. It was in the 6-8 age category in Amazon, but is suited more for much younger child.  Bright colors and easy rhyming words make it a fun read.

Book Cover for Trucks: Whizz! Zoom! Rumble! by Patricia Hubbell

Our Review of Trucks: Whizz! Zoom! Rumble

Miss L says:

What I liked about it was the pictures.  They were pretty.  I liked the rhyming . This was a great book. I would recommend this book to other kids. I would rate it 5 stars.

Adult Review:

This book was under the “6-8” age range in Amazon, and I don’t understand why. It was a fun, quick read that flowed off the tongue with its easy rhymes, but it was definitely not one that I would have voluntarily picked out with Miss L. Much, much too young for her. This would be a book better suited for 3-5 year olds (and even then 5 would be pushing it.) I would give it a 3 out of 5 for the intended age range.

So, we decided to split the difference on our rating, and give it  4 Cool-thulhus.

4 Star Rating

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Title: Trucks: Whizz! Zoom! Rumble | Author: Patricia Hubbell | Publisher: Two Lions (Amazon imprint) | Pub. Date: 2003-3-1 | Pages: 32 | ISBN13: 9780761451242 | Genre: Children’s | Language: English | Triggers: None | Age Range Appropriate: 3-5 | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Date Read: 2016-1-3 | Source: Kindle Unlimited