Miss L Reviews “The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones” by Will Mabbitt

What’s it about?  

A girl who gets kidnapped for picking her nose and EATING IT! Ewwwwww!! The pirates snuck into her house and got her when she ate it. Then they spend the whole book looking for some treasure. Pieces of the X so Mabel Jones could get back home, because she was a a GIRL snuglet! Only boys should be pirates!

Our Review of The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones

I really liked Omynus Hush (the silent slow loris) because he looks cute! But I didn’t like Mabel Jones so much because she picked her nose and ate it. I would never want to be a pirate on a pirate ship! My favorite part was when mommy talked like the goat (Captain Split). I got really sad when Omynus got hurt the second time.

I guess I’d want to read more about Mabel Jones and I think other kids (boys and girls!) my age would enjoy it. If I could change anything, though, I’d change the name. I think it should be called “Legend of the Pirate Ship!”

Adult Notes: The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones is a rather long book for a kid, coming in a 290 pages. It managed, though, to keep Miss L amused for the entire length of it. We read anywhere between 1-3 chapters a night, and there was only one night when she asked for a break from it. The way the book was formatted, Miss L liked to be the one responsible for saying the bolded words. If I accidentally said one instead of her, I got thoroughly scolded.

Overall, it was a fun bedtime story, and I’m glad we picked it up from the library. I’d definitely recommend it to parents looking for something to share across a span of nights with their children.

4 Star Rating

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Title: The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones | Author: Will Mabbitt (site) | Illustrator: Ross Collins | Publisher: Puffin (site)| Publication Date: 2015-6-4 | Pages: 209 | ISBN: 0451471962 | Genre: Childrens | Ages Appropriate: 6-9 | Source: Library

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