Miss L reviews “Mrs Piggle-Wiggle” (book 1)

Miss L, my 6 year old, is very interested in reading, and equally interested in what she sees me doing on the computer after I finish reading a book. I decided to give her a little Saturday segment.

Mrs Piggle-Wiggle

Mrs Piggle-Wiggle Review

The book I read was Mrs Piggle-Wiggle – The first one. I want Happy Birthday, Mrs Piggle-Wiggle! My favorite chapter was  “The Fighter-Quarrelers Cure.” but I didn’t like “The Tiny-Bite-Takers one.” I wold definitely read more Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. I like her because she really likes kids, and she likes to dress up, and has neat ideas! I like that she helps other kids by telling the parents what they need to do to cure their problems. She fixes everything! I would definitely recommend it to other 6 year olds.


What’s better? Mrs Piggle-Wiggle or….Bad Kitty? “I would say… Miss Piggle-Wiggle AND Bad kitty! (This is high praise. Bad Kitty is the ULTIMATE book in Miss L’s library. Every time a new one comes out, we MUST get it.)

Grown-Ups Thoughts: Miss Piggle-Wiggle was a fun book to read with L, but some of the stories are a bit long to get through in one night-time reading session. The cures are a bit silly, but the way the book is written, it really illustrates how much happier everyone is when kids behave, take baths, etc. I was surprised she enjoyed it so much, given the teaching/messages aspect, seeing as how she’s a little comic-book/graphic novel fiend.

4 Star Rated Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle Review

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Title: Mrs. Pigglewiggle | Author: Betty McDonald | Publisher: HarperCollins | Pub. Date: August 2007 (orig. published 1947) | Pages: 144 | Genre: Childrens | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Source: Library

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