Miss L Reviews Junie B. Jones is Almost a Flower Girl

What’s it about?

Junie B. wants to be a flower girl for her aunt’s wedding, but her aunt chose another girl (Bo) instead. Junie B Jones is also sad because her boyfriend Ricardo just broke up with her, and she doesn’t understand why her daddy wants her to have loose feet. Then the wedding happens, and Junie B. makes an unexpected new friend.


Miss L says:

It was good. I like that Junie B. got chosen to be an alternate flower girl, and that her and Bo became friends. In the beginning I didn’t know what loose feet meant, but I did by the end of the book. I have loose feet like Junie B.

I didn’t like it when Bo and Junie B Jones were fighting over the flower basket. That made me so mad that i got a tornado above my head. (Well, if there’s ever a sign your kid reads too many comic strips, I think I’ve just experienced it…)

The Adult says:

This is one of the more tolerable Junie B. Jones books. I found myself laughing at the parents frustration over Junie B’s boyfriend drama. Also, having the two younger girls make-up and make friends definitely sent the right message. I think the author did a good job on this one, and Miss L definitely enjoyed it. Junie B. definitely wasn’t as much of a brat as she has been in prior books.  I just wish she wrote using proper tenses. How are we supposed to reinforce to our kids that”Ranned” is not the proper word, for example, when they see it in books like this?

5 Star Rating

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Title: Junie B. Jones is Almost a Flower Girl | Series: Junie B. Jones | Author: Barbara Park (site) | Illustrator: Denise Brunkus (site) | Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers | Pub. Date: 1999-5-25 | Pages: 68 | ISBN 13: 9780375800382 | Genre: Childrens | Language: English | Triggers: None | Date Read: 2015-11-19 | Source: Library