Miss L reviews Insect World: Praying Mantises by Sandra Markle

What’s it about?

Praying mantises. What they eat. How they grow. How they make babies. How cool they are.


Side Note: Miss L asked to review this book specifically, even though it wasn’t a fiction book.

What was your favorite part of this book?  Finding out the praying mantises made the little sac for the babies.

What part did you think was gross? The pictures of them eating bugs!

Would you like to have a praying mantis for a pet? No.

Why not? It might go crazy and we don’t have any bugs in our house.

We could buy bugs for it. Feed it meal worms or something? COOL! Yeah!

We just read a book about frogs, too. What do you like more? Mantises or Frogs? Mantises AND Frogs.

Would you want to read more books about praying mantises? Yes.

Do you think other kids your age would like to read this book? I don’t know. Probably!

Would you recommend it to them? Yes.

Would you like to read other Insect World books? (Big thumbs up) Yes.

Adult Notes: Simple language, interesting facts, and neat pictures all combine to make a nice educational book on one of the coolest insects out there. The Goodreads put it at Grades 4-8, but Miss L had no problem following what it was saying.

5 Star Rating

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Title: Insect World: Praying Mantises | Author: Sandra Markle (site) | Publisher: Lerner Publishing (site) | Publication Date: 2008-3-1 | Pages: 48 | ISBN: 0822573008 | Genre(s): Childrens & Nonfiction | Language: English | Rating: 5 out of 5 | Triggers: None | Age Appropriate: 6+ | Source: Library