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I’m proud to announce Miss L has graduated up a step in the bookworm-in-training process. She has now entered BookWorm BeastMode.

Her father wasn’t thinking and accidentally dog-eared a page in the library book he was reading to her last night. Uh-oh.

After he was, shall we say, thoroughly scolded, she came to me with tears in her eyes.

“Mommy…” sniffle “Mommy. You wouldn’t… you just wouldn’t believe what Daddy did, Mommy?”  She shakes her head slowly, sadly.

“What did he do?”

“He..”her voice lowers and she leans in to whisper conspiratorially “He bent a library book page!”

My eyes widen. “Really?”

“Yeah…” She walks over to the chest beside her bed, and picks up the book. “D’you… D’you want to see?”

At this point, I’m thinking Sweet Baby Jesus, Child, accidents happen. I’m not going to hold a wake for the desecrated page. “No, not really.”

“But, Mommy… he bent a library book page! You don’t… you don’t DO THAT.” cue dramatic pause. “You would NEVER do that, Mommy.”

It was literally all I could do not to crack up laughing, because her father is definitely the one who takes much better care of books in the house. I’m a dog-earing, spine-cracking fiend (though not with library books), who doesn’t mind if her books have a well-loved appearance.



4 thoughts on “Kids’ Corner: Funny Doings – Bookworm BeastMode

  1. I already love your kid! You should share some parent advice on hour you brought her to love and cherish books like that! I couldn’t stop smiling after reading this!!!!

    1. There is nothing special to it. We just always read to her. She always saw me reading. She was always welcome to ask to be read to, and to try to read to us. That’s it 🙂

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