Kids Corner: Christmas for Miss L

She does NOT look six here!!


So, Miss L has always been an exceedingly difficult child to buy for, simply because she’s SO easy going. Trying to get that child to admit there’s anything she really, really wants (that’s Christmas gift worthy) in the past has been like pulling teeth.

She absolutely goes nuts over everything she gets, which lead  to a hilarious situation when my mom and aunt came up to celebrate Christmas with her on the 19th. The whole family sent up their gifts for her ((we live hours away, and due to Toxoplasmosis being a serious threat in the Ohio Valley (It killed my uncle, almost killed my cousin.) I can’t take her down there.) ) and she happily tore into them.

She gets to this toy microphone one of my uncles got her.  We get the expected “OH ITS JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED!!” squeal, followed immediately thereafter by a quieter “…what is it?” When we told her what it was (after we’d got done laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes)… “OH I’VE ALWAYS WANTED ONE OF THESE!”

The child does gratitude and easy-to-please in an epic fashion. What can I say?


Her Christmas List last year was (if I remember correctly):

  • Ice cream
  • Cuddles
  • Sleep in mommy’s bed that night

This year, she gained access to a toy catalog, and went on a circling “I want that spree” (Thanks, grandparents. -.-). On the downside, I had to break it to her that there was no way she was getting everything she circled. On the plus side, I was able to use the list to narrow it down and figure out some things she actually really would like to have.

L’s Christmas List this year:

  • Easy Bake Oven (Yeah, its okay if you get me the black one ’cause it costs less monies. (Yes, she was looking over my shoulder while I was on Amazon))
  • Light Sabre (Blue, please!)
  • Gift Card to Half-Price Books (So I can pick out my own books, please, Mommy. )

So, obviously (thank you, Black Friday/ Cyber Monday, 3 paychecks in December!) I managed to get the 3 big things on her list, and a few extra things.

One of the extra things I got her was this:

Its the Kinex 70 model build set (if you click on the picture, it links you to the amazon page for it.) It includes enough pieces that we were able to build out like 3 of the things that were listed in the model suggestions all at once without having to break any down. It is AWESOME and I highly recommend it. Hell, I think I had more fun with it than she did, truth be told! LMAO!

(I might have liked it so much that I immediately got back online and ordered us some additional pieces just so we could do an epic build. Of course as soon as I hit checkout now, I realized it wouldn’t get here until Jan 4. GRRR.)


She got to open one gift a day starting on the 19th, and each day it was massive hugs and “Oh, mommy, I love what you buy me. You’re so awesome!!” Seriously, my child is a grade A sweetheart.

She also got some pretty awesome toys from Grandma and Grandpa that she loved. (The chair is one of them 🙂 )






2 thoughts on “Kids Corner: Christmas for Miss L

  1. My kiddo is similar. He squeals at every present. Runs circles. gives hugs. But there’s always something that I find out about after it’s all over, that was what he really wanted and didn’t get. sigh. This would have been good information last week dear. LOL

    1. LOL. We’re lucky that L’s birthday isn’t extremely far off from Christmas, so if she pulls that on us, we can just say “Well, we had to save something for your Birthday!” And I’m sure she’s getting to the point where she’ll pull it soon -.-

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