Introducing GracieKat13, Sci-Fi & Scary ‘s New Co-Host

As some of you might know, I’ve been actively seeking a co-host to work on Sci-Fi & Scary with me for some time now. But I’m picky, private, in a niche field, and…did I mention I’m picky? So, needless to say, the journey felt rather fruitless for quite a while. However, eventually I found someone I was comfortable with, and we decided to give this a go.

We’ll evaluate how things are going after three months, but I have no reason to think this isn’t going to work out just fine.

Introducing GracieKat13

GracieKat will actively start posting on her own after the first of the year. She’ll be doing three posts a week, starting out. One on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., one on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. She’ll also have a special 365/7 post on Fridays.

GracieKat formerly worked on her own site Are You Scared Yet. She will be posting under the username GracieKat13.

I have added information about her to the “Behind the Curtain” section, but thought I’d post it here for you to see a bit easier.

  Hello all! I’m new here to Sci-fi and Scary so I’d like to introduce myself. My name is GracieKat and, like Lilyn, very into the horror genre.

I’ve been into horror since I was ten years old and my mom gave me Skeleton Crew to read. Since then I’ve been in love with the horror genre ever since.  I love it’s twists and turns, it’s ability to bleed into different genres (sorry, couldn’t resist, puns are my second language) and it’s ability to blend the real with the fantastic.

It’s always hard to choose a favorite but I tend to enjoy supernatural horror over realistic horror. So some of my favorite movies are The Haunting (1963), In the Mouth of Madness, The Thing, and Ju-On.

A few of my favorite books are The Haunting of Hill House, Lovecraft, H.R. Wakefield and M.R. James.

I’m also into gaming. Especially horror. I love the Silent Hill series and the Fatal Frame series. I mostly played console but I’ve been branching out into PC gaming since the horror pickings on console have been pretty slim lately.

My son used to read with me quite a lot but now that he’s a teen he reads what he likes now (manga, mostly). I’m just happy he’s reading. Our first books were The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Then Dracula.

GracieKat will be concentrating almost solely on the horror side of things. This will free me up a bit to focus more on the science fiction side of things over the upcoming year. I’m excited about that. I love horror, but here lately my tastes have been leaning more in the science fiction direction.

She will also be contributing any Gaming sections you see on the “What’s Up In” posts.

Now, to be clear, in terms of submitting books for review, nothing has changed. You will submit following the review policy guidelines , and you will receive an email from the site if we have decided to accept or decline to review your book. If both of us decide to review your work, we will stagger the reviews, but link them up.

We endeavor to have a no later than 12-week turnaround on book reviews. Most of the time the review will happen within the first 6 weeks. 

I think that’s everything.

Welcome aboard, GracieKat, to Sci-Fi & Scary, the science fiction and horror site that’s apparently going to be exclusively run by women. May we have many good years!




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