Interview with ‘Alien: Reign of Man’ director Justin Price

Interview with Justin Price

Alien : Reign of Man is the latest crowd-pleasing sci-fi/horror film from busy genre staple Justin Price (The 13th Friday, The Cloth, Dark Moon Rising) of Pikchure Zero Entertainment.

Movie cover for Alien Reign of Man

You make so many movies Justin – how do you find the time?

Justin Price: Oh my goodness, I have no time! Pikchure Zero Entertainment was created 2013 and since that inception KHU and I have developed and created over 15 films. I have produced and consulted on so many projects that I thought it best not to fill up the IMDB with it. But yes I have zero time to sleep. I have people running my social media accounts and I pop on every once and again and drop a message. Being a public figure has it perks and draw backs. I can’t answer most of the emails and messages I get but I want too. I am also developing so many IP’s it is hard to focus on anything else.  “Alien Reign of Man” came out August 1, 2017 and it is based off nothing before it.

How many movies have you done alone in the past twelve months?

Justin Price: We are a legitimate full fledged production studio. There are films we release on different scales and for different reasons. Sometimes we are commissioned by networks to make specific films. It is truly dependent on what audiences are clamouring for. We have four films releasing this year and they couldn’t be more different. “The Elf” is a Christmas horror story and Almost Amazing is a romantic comedy set in New York.

Is it that you write fast or direct fast?

Justin Price: Neither. Pikchure Zero entertainment is a high concept studio. Our films are packed with great production value and VFX and our model has been adopted by larger studios who have smaller production arms. The only difference is we aren’t on a studio lot in Paramount with resources to produce films for theatrical releases. That is the next step. But we aren’t a bunch of kids trying to figure this out, all of our films find distribution in Redbox, and Walmart, and internationally. Uncork’d Entertainment isn’t just a regular company. They are run by industry veteran Keith Leopard who has personally acquired films for major companies for over 20 years. So he knows what he is doing and what consumers want. The fact that we are releasing films through his banner isn’t by accident and he has so many options from other film makers and companies but no one produces the type of content we create. It is easy to try and label indy films and try to explain the model as if it is mockbuster or genre and etc but our films aren’t a bunch of B list actors surrounded by people who have never acted before. We are doing films where we travel to Iceland. We are filming in Finland. We have VFX creatures and not a guy in a suit made from spare parts. We are filming on the Alexa  Amira and using cine lenses.  It is interesting to see how being able to do what we do lends itself towards this sort of unexplained narrative so labels are natural. But the true key is we just have vision and vision cant be explained and that’s why it’s called “vision”.

Alien Reign of Man Still

You seem to gravitate largely towards sci-fi and horror? Why do you think that is?

Justin Price: I love Sci-fi, it is the hardest genre and it is the most freeing as a creative artist. I love horror because it is the only genre that can create a folklore that can change how we view regular everyday things. Jaws has made people so afraid of the ocean that no one enters the water not thinking about great white sharks as if they are attacking people daily. There were about 5 shark attacks this decade but because we are so aware of the idea of a shark, people are still afraid. I love that. I love the idea that in either sci-fi and horror you can create an immersive world so detailed that it will have us questioning the very essence of what we are and how we came to be.


Where does Alien : Reign of Man rank in order of your favourite projects?

Justin Price: It is essentially a minority lead film being marketed to overseas territories. So it ranks pretty high because we are told that black films don’t travel. Well thank you Japan and thank you India and ect! It is lead by Khu who plays Zan and she is just phenomenal. I enjoyed watching her bring the character to life.


What’s your fave bit from it? Anything you’re especially proud of?

Justin Price: It was the first time we have done a sci-fi film to this magnitude and I am most proud we were able to film in exotic locations. I can’t understate how odd it was to drive 10 hrs to the coast of a country and try and figure out how to film there. And just watching people who normally would act in other genres step into this world. Torrei Hart did a great job as Viceroy and it was different from the other roles usually offered to African American women. I am excited for that.

Alien Reign of Man

Has the internet, let alone technological advances in filmmaking and all these new platforms, helped your career at all?

Justin Price: We are in control of our narratives now. Pikchure Zero Entertainment capitalizes on all avenues of providing content. We are looking to do shows with HULU and Amazon prime. Youtube Red and Facebook all are throwing their hats into the original content ring and they have all noticed the quality and efficiency with which we can turn around a project. Its great to hire famous directors but waiting two years is not a sustainable business model when on Netflix there is a new show almost every month. So in order to compete content as they say is king. It is allowing us to break through the old paradigms of not being able to reach massive audiences. I think it’s a great tool to use in conjunction with the major players. We have something very unique to offer and I am excited for the future.


Where can fans find you online?

Justin Price: follow me there Instagram @pikchurezero and snapchat : lilshoj


And where is the VOD/DVD available?

Justin Price: Alien Reign of Man is available now on Itunes, Vudu, Hulu, and Amazon Prime and then DVD November 14, 2017!

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**All materials provided courtesy of Alien: Reign of Man filmmakers and October Coast**