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Anthony Avina Bio: Author Anthony Avina is the fusion of intense and visual-inducing horror, optimism and hopeful enthusiasm. As an indie author who has spent the last seven years creating unique and original horror stories that highlight the fact that both good and evil can reside in anyone or anything, the creative horror writer hopes to craft entertaining tales that take the reader into unimaginable worlds.

With three successful series and a string of popular stand-alone novels and novellas, author Anthony Avina is a must watch indie author that is always working on the next great story to share with the world. Anthony Avina’s latest novel “I Was An Evil Teenager: Remastered”, is the collective work of the of the Evil Teenager novella series. Featuring the novellas “I Was a Teenage Killer”, “I Was a Teenage Zombie”, and “I Was a Teenage Demon”.


“I Was an Evil Teenager” Novella Trilogy Synopsis:

“The story follows the exploits of Lisa Etron, an innocent looking teenage girl that everyone in her small hometown loves. Yet a sinister presence resides behind the mask that is Lisa Etron, and the terror she brings will affect the lives of those closest to her in dark and terrible ways. This is the story of the evolution of evil and whether or not true evil can ever truly die. It’s also the story of hope and overcoming that evil with the love and support of family and friends and how that hope can bring out the strength people never know they truly have. Good versus Evil come to life in this series in new and terrifying ways, and only by reading this completely remastered version of the stories can you find out what makes Lisa Etron a truly evil teenager…”

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Talking with Anthony Avina

Sci-Fi & Scary: It looks like most of your works are in the Young Adult subgenre. If this is accurate what draws you to it?

Anthony Avina: I have done a lot of work in the past few years in the Young Adult subgenre. My early works were more adult horror themed but I’ve recently gotten into the YA storytelling. I find it fascinating to write in the YA subgenre because I think most people, whether they are adults ir young adults themselves, can relate to these characters. Everyone was a young adult at one point or another. We all had to deal with the pressure of high school, the social hierarchy that normally rules over us and I think it’s interesting to explore how a young adult would deal with something like a teenage killer or some supernatural event. At that age we’re usually discovering who we are and what kind of life we want to lead, and seeing the inner turmoil and struggle of a young adult as they wrestle with the plot of the story and their personal lives makes for gripping storytelling.

Sci-Fi & Scary: Was it difficult to write from the point of view of a teenage girl for your “I Was an Evil Teenager” collection? 

Anthony Avina: The first novella in the book for sure was difficult to get into that mindset. I was 20 years old when i first wrote it, and although I’d only left high school a couple years before, I’ve always had the personality of an older person. The thing that helped me when trying to write from the point of view of a teenage girl was not only did I have a teenage sister to help me with my character development, but I grew up spending a lot of time with my mom and sister, and later had female friends in both middle school and high school that helped me gain a better understanding of that mindset.

Sci-Fi & Scary: Did you have any teenage girls read it and tell you what they thought of how you portrayed one?

Anthony Avina: I did have some great support for this book. I have a younger sister who was in high school during the time I first wrote this, and I had the help of not only my sister but her friends as well to help me get a sense of what kind of social interactions they had with one another and what drove their choices and personalities in those important high school years.

Sci-Fi & Scary: What was the hardest scene to write in the “I Was an Evil Teenager” novellas?

Anthony Avina: That’s a difficult one. There were a lot of scenes that were a struggle for me, but while I don’t want to spoil anything for the readers out there before they’ve gotten a chance to read it, there is a shocking scene in the first novella that will stick with you after you read it. It was so difficult to write because I had to imagine how it would impact one of my main characters in the book and how it would affect their personality going forward in the series. It was an important and driving plot point to be sure, but it was difficult to get into the mind of the character in that scene. It’s towards the end of the first novella, and fans will definitely recognize it.

Sci-Fi & Scary: Which novella in “I Was an Evil Teenager” took you longest to write?

Anthony Avina: Definitely the first one. It took a long time to get into the right mindset and do the research I needed to bring Lisa Etron to life and to imagine how her actions would affect the people who cared and loved her. When someone like that enters your life, their actions can have devastating consequences on how you live your life afterwards.

Sci-Fi & Scary: Was there one in particular that you enjoyed writing the most?

Anthony Avina: While I’ll always have a special place in my heart for “I Was A Teenage Killer”, I actually loved writing “I Was A Teenage Demon”. I enjoyed it because it was the final battle between good and evil, and it allowed me to bring closure to my main characters. I got to explore the growth of my two favorite heroes in the story, Dave and Aly Trent. Seeing their journey and watching them both grow and overcome the events of the previous books was so satisfying to write and felt like I had grown as both a person and a writer as well.

Sci-Fi & Scary: Was there a reason you wanted to do a ‘Remastered’ version of your stories?

Anthony Avina: I wrote this series starting in 2010 and finished in 2012. I was still a fairly young and new writer, and something I’ve always believed is no matter how seasoned a writer you are, there is always room to improve and new things to learn about the craft. After writing, editing and publishing for over seven years now, I’ve learned a lot in the ways of writing and editing, and I knew there were things I could improve in this series to make it better and help make it a more well rounded story.

Sci-Fi & Scary:  You mention in the blurb for the book that it updates the story. Is it changed enough that you would recommend previous readers give it another go?

Anthony Avino: Yes for sure. I changed a big plot point in the first story that differs from the original and is much scarier and much more satisfying for the audience. I also updated some of the character’s relationships within the series and helped establish more depth for the characters themselves, so I would highly recommend previous readers of the series to get this remastered version.

Sci-Fi & Scary: Can you tell us a bit about your YouTube channel and your podcast?

Anthony Avino: My YouTube channel started as a way to communicate to potential readers about my books, but it’s become so much more. I’ve always been a shy person, and something I struggle with daily is social anxiety. While I still struggle with it, my YouTube channel has become a means to express myself and put myself out there for people to see and get to know. I vlog, (or life-cast, where I film my day to day life), I film book reviews and I film writing and publishing based videos. I have a podcast series I call “The Writers Corner” podcast, where I discuss book and writing related topics, from book readings to writing tips and more. It’s allowed me not only to share what I know about the craft, but I’ve been able to learn more as a result of my researching topics and talking with fellow authors on YouTube and online. The podcast was on a hiatus for a while but I am planning to bring it back soon.

Sci-Fi & Scary: Have you always been interested in the horror genre? Who are some of your influences?

Anthony Avino: The horror genre is my favorite genre to write in. I grew up with a passion for the genre. I can remember spending days with my grandparents and sitting in their living room, watching old horror movies or cheesy SyFy movies with my grandfather. He loved horror movies and read Stephen King regularly, which inspired a love for both horror and Stephen King in my mother. She in turn shared that with me and the rest is history. Stephen King is definitely my biggest influence on my writing, as is the late Wes Craven. My mother and my late grandfather are actually my biggest influences in my passion for the horror genre, and without them I might not have gotten the idea or this series.

Sci-Fi & Scary: What project are you currently working on?

Anthony Avino: I am about to start working on my NaNoWriMo project for 2017, which is a sequel to the first drama novel I ever wrote, which was called VOID. After I finish the month long writing project, I’m going to focus on the fourth book in my action/horror series, Nightmare Wars.

Sci-Fi & Scary: What is the best horror movie you’ve seen in the past 5 years? What was the worst?

Anthony Avino: Actually I recently saw Stephen King’s IT in theaters, and I have to say that was such a brilliant film. Not only did I jump several times, but it was incredibly faithful to the original book and it had such an incredible story. A good horror movie isn’t just scary for me, but it’s also full of heart, emotion and great characters, and IT had all of these. I think Pennywise the Clown is going to be an iconic horror movie monster for generations to come.

The worst horror movie I’ve seen in years is a difficult one. Discounting some of the cheesy SyFy movies I’ve seen in the past, I’d have to say The Witch was one of the worst horror movies. It’s not that it was a bad movie overall, I just don’t think it should have been classified as a  horror movie. It was more of a psychological thriller kind of movie, showing the deterioration of this family. I was never scared at any point in the film and while the film was well acted and well shot, the overall story wasn’t really a horror movie to me and the trailer was very misleading.

Sci-Fi & Scary: Final comments?

Anthony Avino: This was actually one of the more creative and well developed interviews I’ve done. Thank you so much for your time and for having me on your blog. It was a pleasure to talk with you and I hope you guys will enjoy my book.

I Was an Evil Teenager

Killer. Zombie. Demon.

Evil comes in many forms, and Lisa Etron embodies them all in I Was An Evil Teenager, the three novella series that explores evil and the ways in which it appears. Author Anthony Avina brings a unique look at the work of Lisa Etron, a seemingly normal teenage girl who harbors a dark secret that threatens to tear apart not only those closest to her, but an entire town as well.

Lisa Etron is the girl next door. Lisa Etron is the most beautiful and popular girl in her school. Lisa Etron is the girl of Dave Trent’s dreams. Lisa Etron is a demented killer, hellbent on chaos and murder, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to achieve those two goals. While a seasoned detective works to solve the mystery of a series of brutal murders, Lisa plans a deadly killing spree that threatens to destroy those who have made the mistake of loving her.

This remastered edition of the book updates the story and brings a deep dive into the battle between good and evil. Showing the lengths in which evil is willing to go to to tear people down, and the way in which people use hope and love to overcome that evil, this novel features the combined novellas of I Was A Teenage Killer, I Was A Teenage Zombie and I Was A Teenage Demon.

A twisted horror saga like no other, this series follows one group of people who must survive the twisted mind of a killer who refuses to go away and let them live happy lives. In this one of a kind novel, discover whether or not evil ever truly dies…

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