The Indie Authors Pledge

I,_______________, am taking the Indie Author pledge.

I understand that badly behaving authors have made it very hard for other independently published / small-press authors to get their own works reviewed. I want to be part of the solution, and not part of the problem. That’s why I’m promising that I will never have any deliberate contact with any book reviewer who obtains a copy of my work from Sci-Fi & Scary.

So, if someone choose to review my book, and gives it a positive review, they’ll have my ever-lasting thanks – even though I know I can’t tell them that directly! More importantly, this means if a negative (polite/professional should go without saying) review of my work is posted, I’m not going to react to it.

I am an adult who consented to having their work reviewed. I understand that everyone has their own opinions, and not everyone will like my work. I will accept negative reviews gracefully. I will not respond/react to them. I will not post about this review on my Facebook, Goodreads, or personal blog page, etc. I will not make the reviewer a target for my fans in any way, shape, or form.

Writing is my chosen profession, and I’m taking this pledge to be a professional about it.

If I break this pledge, I understand and consent to my name being placed on a publicly available blacklist on Sci-Fi & Scary and other associated sites, warning potential reviewers that I behave very badly when people don’t like my work. I also understand that once on this blacklist, I will no longer be eligible for any reviews or promotions for any of my past, current, or future work on Sci-Fi & Scary or any associated sites.

Indie Authors taking the pledge, please comment below with the name of your book, your pen name, and today’s date.

71 thoughts on “The Indie Authors Pledge

  1. This should go without saying! I take the pledge,
    D.R. Bartlette, author of The Devil in Black Creek.

  2. Taking this pledge (It’s not letting me add my name above in the pledge but have read it and am agreeing to it here in the comments)
    Toneye Eyenot

    My book is Blood Moon Big Top

    Nov. 7, 2016

  3. Wholeheartedly agree with this, there is nothing to fear in praise or criticism.

    My book is:

    Origins Of The Magdon: Vercovicium (Book 1 in The Magdon Series)
    Authored by Tobey Alexander

    03/09/2016 (UK)

  4. S.A. Barton here, and I’m enthusiastically on board!
    14 August 2016

    This pledge is a wonderful way for indie authors to make a public commitment to professional ethics. The stigma of a small percentage of indies behaving badly is real — here’s a place to take a stand against that.

    I hope you’ll find my “Isolation and Other Stories” collection here, and perhaps some of my short story singles and other collections here in future, or with major ebook and paperback retailers. 🙂

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