Horror Crafter Showcase: Jeanie Byrd

Our second artist for the Horror Crafter Showcase takes babydolls and makes them into things that can haunt your dreams. And again, here I am, counting myself lucky if I can make a pretty picture in Photoshop. These ladies’ talents know no bounds!

About the Artist

Name: Jeanie Byrd

Age:  In my prime!

Where are you from: Monroe, Michigan

How long have you been creating art like this? I have been creating my Cuddly Creaturez since 2014.

What drew you to horror-themed art? I got started simply because I collect zombie dolls, but couldn’t find someone who could create what I wanted. My husband told me I could, bought me some stuff to start with, and the rest is history.

Is your family supportive of your art? My family is supportive of my endeavor, even though they aren’t into the horror and gore.

Has your art ever garnered any negative comments because of the horror theme? The only negative feedback I have gotten has been funny. Questions like “have you ever been committed?” “Are you possessed?” Fun stuff like that… Although I have gotten a few negative comments on my display for the events I attend… It’s a juvenile coffin from the 1920s… Definitely garners a lot of strange looks. But it’s all in fun.

What’s your favorite scary movie? Why? Hmmm…. The Saw series, for sure. And of course, It. The original.

What is the worst horror movie you’ve ever seen?  Worst? The Grudge. Definitely wanted my time and money back from that one.


Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/Cuddlycreaturez/


Dapper Bat - Original Creation- by Jeanie Byrd
Dapper Bat – Original Creation- by Jeanie Byrd
Puppet Master set by Jeanie Byrd
Puppet Master set by Jeanie Byrd
Killer Klownz by Jeanie Byrd
Killer Klownz by Jeanie Byrd

About the Art:

How did you decide upon your chosen medium? I love the adorable and creepy combined, and I know that there are a lot of dolls that end up thrown away, so it was an easy step to using rescued dolls.

Do you see yourself branching out and trying more ways of creating art in the future? No I don’t see myself branching out, I am quite content with this.

How long does it take you to create most pieces? Each piece takes about 3 weeks from start to ship.

Has anyone ever asked you to create a specific piece?  I specialize in custom orders. You want it, I can make it.

What is the most difficult part of creating one of your pieces? The hardest part is finding the perfect baby for each piece. I don’t buy new, so sometimes it takes a while to find the baby needed.

What is the piece that you are most proud of? There’s 2. The Killer Klownz from Outer Space set I created, and the Puppet Master set I made for a client.

Do you display your art at festivals, ‘Cons, etc? I do many events each year

What made you choose the pieces to be featured in this post? I chose these pieces because I feel they show my creativity to the best advantage, and I love these babies.

Is there any advice you would give to fellow horror artists? Dreams can be followed!!! Keep at it, you will figure it out!

What are you currently working on? Right now I am currently working on bringing Billy from Saw to life.

Make sure you folks head by Jeanie’s Cuddly Creaturez Facebook page and check out some more of her offerings. She does an amazing job!


If you would like to be featured this month as well, please contact me via email at contact @ sitename .com

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  1. Great dolls, they look terrific, well done. Glad it’s a joy for you to make them. I do horror movie art, and love drawing them too, no page though. My favourite genre. 😊

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