Horror Crafter Showcase: Emma Roulstone

October might be over, but our desire to feature indie artists sure isn’t! This week we’re bringing you the awesome work of Emma Roulstone.

Emma earned her BA (Hons) in Illustration back in 2010 from De Montfort University, Leicester, and has since gone onto work as a freelance Artist. Most recently she was commissioned to produce a painting for the Television series ‘The Royals’, which was featured as a prop. Emma currently still accepts commissions for clients when she is not selling art online. Her favourite medium to use is mechanical pencils and coloured pencil crayons. Emma am mostly known  for my original movie themed artwork that has a storyboard, and comic book style to it .She has recently gone on to say “Why do I choose to produce movie themed artwork?The answer is simple. I love movies and they are a big part of my life, so much so that I got a few pieces signed by some favourite actors of mine. Being able to capture the scenes with colour, and texture is what I love the most. “She has just started to gain a following on Instagram, and Facebook if you would to keep updated with her artwork.

About the Artist

Name: Emma Roulstone 

Age :29 

Location: I live in East Sussex 

Emma Roulstone
Emma Roulstone

How long have you been creating art? For as long as I can remember. By the time I was old enough to hold a pencil and draw I would say!   

What drew you to horror- themed art? I don’t just draw horror themed art, but I love horror movies. They are my favourite genre of film. I like being scared! And because I also love to draw I wanted to put the two together. 

Is your family supportive of your art? Very supportive. 

Has your art ever garnered any negative comments because of the horror theme? No, I have had funny remarks from the guy at the picture framing shop though as he is used to dealing with pictures of landscapes, flowers, or pets. So, when I handed to him a scene from ‘The Exorcist’ you can imagine his reaction. It was funny though. 

What’s your favourite scary movie? Why? I would say ‘The Exorcist’ mainly because the special effects and make-up are just outstanding for when it was made. It is totally original to me.  

What is the worst horror movie you’ve ever seen?  Why? The worst film I ever saw would be ‘The Wrong Turn 5’ I’m not saying it was badly made it just  made me feel sick all day, and one that stuck in my mind for ages! 

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Halloween by Emma Roulstone
Halloween by Emma Roulstone
Misery by Emma Roulstone
Misery by Emma Roulstone
The Exorcist by Emma Roulstone
The Exorcist by Emma Roulstone

About the Art


How did you decide upon your chosen medium? I have dabbled with paint, pastels, and pencils for years. Mechanical pencils and pencil crayons are my favourite as they can get those fine details. It is easy to erase if you go wrong. I love how pencils blend together. I find pastels and paint too messy and hard to erase. 

Do you see yourself branching out and trying more ways of creating art in the future? Probably not. I have been experimenting with different techniques, and processes throughout my college years and University years. I am now using what I feel most comfortable with. 

How long does it take you to create most pieces? Because I now work full time as an artist. I dedicate all of my time really to drawing when I am not eating and sleeping of course!  Depends on size too.  a standard 14″ x 11″ would take me about 3-4 days to complete. A 20″ x 16″ would take me a week. 

Has anyone ever asked you to create a specific piece? Yes, I get asked to do commissions. I am currently working on some for Christmas. 

What is the most difficult part of creating one of your pieces? Making sure everything is in the right place. Once that part is done the rest is a breeze. 

What is the piece that you are most proud of?  Whatever gets the most praise I guess. The opinion of others means more to me than my own. 

Do you display your art at festivals, ‘Cons, etc? I have displayed art in galleries in the past, but I prefer to display my work online. I don’t drive so it is much easier for me too. 

What made you choose the pieces to be featured in this post?  I think they represent my quality of work the best.

 Is there any advice you would give to fellow horror artists? There is no such thing as a bad artist to me. Everyone has their own style and vision. Just keep going and ignore the negativity. 

 What project are you working on right now? At the moment I am working on a commission. I have been asked to draw a scene from ‘An American Werewolf in London’ 

Are you as jealous as I am? So many talented people! But, hey, I can crochet a mean zombie carrot!!

Anyways, from looking at Emma’s website, it would appear that the Misery print is currently for sale. So, if that caught your fancy, make sure you  hop over there and check it out.

We are still looking for artists to feature for our Crafter Showcase. We accept horror and sci-fi themed art, from musical to traditional prints, and almost everything you could imagine. If you are interested, just pop us a message at

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