I finally have…

an e-reader!

My best friend got me a kindle e-reader for Christmas, and it got here early.


FINALLY no more reading solely on my tiny little phone screen or my huge laptop screen.

I think all my fellow book-bloggers who get e-books can appreciate the joy of the e-reader when you’re inundated by e-books to review. lol.

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9 Responses to I finally have…

  1. It’s so much kinder on your eyes than reading on a phone or laptop. Just think how many books you’ll be able to get through now! 🙂

  2. Yay! I just got the same one for my birthday!

  3. keats0810 says:

    This whole time you’ve been devouring books at a break neck pace on a computer screens! Wow! What took so long to give your eyes a break?

  4. That’s a great gift — anything that expands a person’s means of reading gets an A+ from me.

    As an indie author, I find it easier to send PDFs (it’s so immediate — no shipping time or cost of shipping), but I can’t imagine reviewing dozens upon dozens of books by reading on a phone screen. I’d go mad!

  5. Alice says:

    You’ll love it.. I started reading more since I got my first Kindle and they’re easy on the eyes..

  6. Ayunda says:

    I gave up reading books on my laptop years ago and I bought my precious Nook almost 5 years ago! Still remains a loyal companion to me until today 😀 It’s an excellent investment in my opinion hahaha!

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  • I love Audible. Tons of books, fantastic narrators, good prices.