How’s your 2016 Reading Challenge Going?

We’ve got 3 and 3/4ths months left in 2016 to complete our 2016 Reading Challenge for Goodreads, so I thought I’d take a moment to see how everyone’s doing!  I did better than expected. The first challenge I participated in was last year. So this year I figured I’d set a goal I probably wouldn’t achieve…then I proved enough to myself that I read too much. Next year will be lower though. I’m going to cut back on the reading to work on some development things for the site.


I thought this little graphic was super neat. It depends on how you  have your shelves laid out, but will tell you what you spent most of your time reading. Now, it’s not entirely accurate if you multi-shelf things like I do, but it’s still cool to see.  If you want to see yours, just click on “my books” , then click on “stats” (which is right up there beside Batch Edit, Settings, and Print).  Then click on “details” beside 2016 books read, and it will display automatically for you.



The 2016 Reading Challenge Survey

Please fill out the embedded survey from Google Forms. (I didn’t ask for any personal information. All I care
about is your reading. 🙂 )

I didn’t include these questions on the form, but I’m curious: For those of you that do participate in other reading challenges, what has been your favorite? Is it the ones that push you to read stuff you don’t normally read? Or reading x amount of books in a certain genre? Have you ever regretted entering a challenge?

Also, how is this year shaping up in comparison to last year? Are you doing better, the same, or worse?

My 7-year-old is wanting her own Goodreads account so she can do a Reading Challenge next year. I’m willing to do it for her. This should be fun. I’ve actually got an account already created for her, because I like the idea of keeping track of everything she reads since she was little, but it’s really hard to remember to check in and fill it out for her!

Thanks for participating!


14 thoughts on “How’s your 2016 Reading Challenge Going?

  1. 278 books?! Wow!
    I’ve completed my little Goodreads goal of 60 but I’m doing horridly on my other challenges, like the horror reads challenge, and the Shakespeare one and the Classics one. They aren’t books I usually reach for so often I forget to read for the challenge.

  2. And I thought that I read a lot, lol. Your 278 is amazing. I went from being 7 books behind schedule to 1 this week, so I’m happy with that. As for other reading challenges this year, none for me. Every time I say that I’m going to do a reading challenge and then pick out my books, I NEVER follow through. It’s like just saying it makes it impossible.

    1. Yeah, I read so much I’ve recognized its quite possible I read *too* much, so I’m actually aiming to cut it back a bit next year! LOL. My goal is 4 books a week (3 adult books, 1 kid book) for the year, with an additional 30 set aside for just because its fun.

  3. Congrats, you’ve done awesome! I’m 18 books behind so it looks like I’m not doing so good right now 😉 I was aiming for 90 books but have been watching too much tv. I’m keeping that number there to keep me focused but things are looking bleak.

    I don’t participate in many challenges besides the GR one and the Booklikes Halloween Bingo (which I also suck at!).

  4. As it was my first year, I set a low goal for my Goodreads challenge. I wanted to read 30 books, and I’m already around 55, so I’m happy and feel no pressure to hurry to get more books.
    I was thinking about participating to the Fall Bingo but I’ve already got so much on my plate that I’ll pass for now.

  5. I’m 2/3 of the way there on my Goodreads challenge, and for the first time it’s telling me I’m behind rather than ahead (August and September have been extremely busy at work, so I’ve slipped a bit).

    I always challenge myself on the diversity of my reading, but I haven’t joined a formal challenge – I just keep my own tally. I did jump on board with 20 books of summer (I only managed 10) and ARC August (I managed a disappointing 3) – summer is always a bit of a lull for me, so I hoped it would be spur me on, but work spurred me on instead!

    I’m confident of getting to 70 books this year though, and should manage 75. 80 is about my limit, but I’ve stopped trying to push on the quantity so that I can read more closely.

    1. 70 books is a good goal, I think. I don’t think you’ll have any problems reaching it. 🙂

      I’d seen ARC August, but don’t think I saw 20 Books of Summer floating around.

      I think you have a good point about quality of reading over quantity 🙂

  6. I am doing pretty good on my reading challenge but I also have other challenges I am doing. I host the Cloak and Dagger reading challenge and I do a slew of others…next year I am cutting down on the challenges. 🙂

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