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A Horror Funny

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Horror Movies

Well, 2017 was much better for horror movies than it was for science fiction movies. However, I’m still hoping we see several more good horror movies emerge. (Not like don’t plenty of horror fodder floating around in our lives right now!) And 2018 seems to be starting off strong with another entry into the Insidious series, via The Last Key. Which, thankfully, has Lin Shaye in it. However, this is like the 4th (5th?) entry into the series, so around this point is when we start beating a dead horse.

Movie cover for Insidious: The Last Key


The Last Key Synopsis: Parapsychologist Dr. Elise Rainier faces her most fearsome and personal haunting yet – in her own family home.

Starring: Lin ShayeLeigh WhannellAngus Sampson


Now that you’ve watched the trailer, what do you think? I’m going to watch it, regardless, just because Lin Shaye is in it, but I think they’re going to do a solid job. It looks like a mix of the previous movies, with some American Horror Story thrown in.

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Horror Books


Book cover for Angel of the Underground

Angel of the Underground – David Andreas – Jan 2, 2018

When three children in a Catholic group home are brutally murdered, the survivors are hurried into separate foster homes across Long Island. Robin Hills, a fifteen-year-old who has spent the past several years under religious care, is thrust into a new, dysfunctional family with no spiritual beliefs. No longer protected by the religion and the nun she had come to love, Robin is completely alone and enveloped in fear.

As the murders continue and Robin fears she may become the next victim, her faith increasingly falters. However, she finds solace in a budding friendship with Dennis, a boy her age living in her new foster home. Dennis’s kindness, his acceptance of Robin, and his bravery in the face of evil–born of his passion for horror movies–combine to reassure her that she’ll survive the killings.

Armed with this new friendship and fueled by a rage she finally discovers within herself, Robin finds the courage and self-reliance to confront the darkest aspects of human depravity.

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Book cover for Attack of the Yetis

Attack of the Yetis – Eric S. Brown – Dec 27th, 2017

A military team is dispatched to locate the source of a strange radiation in Antarctica. They find far more than they bargained for and quickly become locked in a battle for survival with monsters straight out of legend.

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Goodreads Giveaways

Dead Jack and the Pandemonium Device

Book cover for Pravus Book cover for Frankenstein 1818

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Special Rafflecopter Giveaway

Book cover for Breathe. Breathe.

Breathe. Breathe. is a collection of dark poetry and short fiction exploring the surreal depths of humanity. It’s a representation of how life breaks us apart and words put us back together. Purged onto the pages, dark emotions flow, urging readers into murky seas and grim forests, to the fine line between breathing and death.

In Act One, readers are presented with a serial killer in Victorian London, a lighthouse keeper with an eerie legacy, a murderous spouse that seems to have walked right out of a mystery novel, and a treacherous Japanese lady who wants to stay immortal. The heightened fears in the twilight of your minds will seep into the blackest of your nights, where you have to breathe in rhythm to stay alive.

In Act Two, the poetry turns more internal and pierces through the wall of denial and pain, bringing visceral emotions to the surface unleashing traumas such as domestic abuse, violence, and illness.

In the short stories, you’ll meet residents of Valhalla Lane whose lives are on a violent parallel track to collision, a man who is driven mad by the sound of a woodpecker, a teenage girl who wakes up on the beach and can’t find another soul in sight, a woman caught in a time shift pitting her against the Egyptian goddess Anuket, and a little girl whose whole world changes when her favorite dandelion yellow crayon is discontinued.

Amid these pages the haunting themes of oppression, isolation, revenge, and madness unfold through folklore, nightmares, and often times, raw, impulsive passion crafted to sear from the inside out.

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8 thoughts on “Horror Biweekly Bulletin: Insidious: The Last Key and Breathe. Breathe.

  1. Sorry, this popped into my head when I read the book title…
    Sung to the tune of J. Giels ‘Angel in a Centerfold’.

    Lilyns of fan of gore, you understand,
    This is her Never, Never-land.
    Murder, depravity, and disease march on,
    I’ll open my eyes when the blood is gone.

    Into a book of monsters, she will dive it.
    With hubs, or the kid, or maybe she’ll be reading horror in private!

    In a good mood or grouchie.
    will she like it, or will the rhetoric be an ouchie?
    For ‘Angel of the Underground’.
    Her snark has been unleashed and unbound.
    Watch out, ‘Angel of the Underground’.
    Her thoughts will be,,,, deep and profound.
    When Lilyn reviews ‘Angel of the Underground’.

  2. That has to be the oddest Yeti I’ve ever seen. I don’t know whether to be terrified of him or refer him to a good plastic surgeon. I do plan on seeing the new Insidious movies. They are consistently made well and have some great stars. Heck, I watch enough B-horror that I am thrilled when a horror movie actually has a decent budget to work with. I’m gonna have to check out some of those links. I’m in the mood for more good horror. We watched a movie last night called “Devil’s Gate.” It was decent (at least worth the watch).

    1. You made me snicker with the Yeti remark. I remember my thoughts being that I wanna be able to only do half a face then mirror it and call it done!

      And I agree with you on the loving when a horror movie actually has a decent budget to work with!

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