Help Me! I need something different to read!

So, as the title of my blog so clearly states, I love scifi and scary stuff. I tend to not branch out much except for the occasional romance or funny piece.

However, sometimes you just need something different.

So here’s my no-nos:

No novels featuring a character dying.

No high-school level kiss-kiss drama novels.

No non-fiction (this obviously includes biographies. Ewww.)

So… anyone have any suggestions?


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24 thoughts on “Help Me! I need something different to read!

  1. We’re in the same boat here! I’ve completely run out of stuff to read and I’m nearing my exam time, how the heck am I meant to procrastinate studying when I can’t find something to read?? *cries*

    1. I actually found something really good and different to read, quite by accident. I read the children’s version of Malala Yousafzai’s story (For the right to learn). It was astoundingly good. Brought tears to my eyes. Do you like ghost stories? PS Winn (if you have Kindle Unlimited) has a really good shorter story called Lies in Shadows.

      1. That sounds amazing! One of my exam topics is actually the Pakistani children’s show “Burqa Avenger” which is hugely influenced by Malala so that’s probably going to help me with my essays! (yus, killing two birds with one stone).

        1. I was surprised. After I personally read Malala’s story, I read it to my 6 year old (knowing it was above her level) and she was entranced. Just sat quietly by my side the whole time, except for a few earnest questions and one indignant “But girls gotta go to school TOO!” And afterwards we looked up Malala’s story on youtube so that she could see she was really real.

          1. Malala’s story is definitely insane, if your daughter is six then you should definitely see if you can find an english version of Burqa Avenger, she may or may not like it, but I’m sixteen (my friends are all seventeen/eighteen) and we liked it, and so do all our younger siblings 🙂

              1. Revamping is good. I’m pretty happy with the way mine is right now, but once I’ve been running for about 3 months, I figure by then I’ll have a firm idea of exactly what I want to do beyond just having scheduled content.

                  1. Thanks! I tried out a different style for a couple of posts, but liked my original style better. I like to ramble when I review. >.> But I also like to review (in my head at least), like I’m talking TO a person. Which is why some of my reviews start with things like READ IT! READ IT! READ IT! hahaha

  2. I’m guessing you’ve probably read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy before? If not, then definitely do that!
    Other than that, I strongly recommend Around the World in 80 Days (an oldie but goldie) or
    The Thought Gang by Tibor Fischer. I’m sure you’ll enjoy any one of these.

      1. I know it probably goes against all the rules of a person who loves books and book series, but skip the third one. It’s the “weakest” one in the series, and it made moving on to the fourth one very difficult, which is a bummer, because the fourth one is amazing.

  3. Ok, so here’s a wild card. It doesn’t fit anything on your list, but was so goddamn well-written I almost fell over (I also wept a small tear knowing I’ll never be that good). It’s Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann, a novel about the World Trade Centre high wire walker (Man on Wire) and how his walk connects a number of lives in 1970’s NYC. Just finished it and it blew me away. So there’s my suggestion. Or you could try Crusade by David Weber/Steve White, that’s one awesome bit of sci-fi. Old, but still great.

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