Okay, so I just need to rant, and its my blog, so I’m going to rant!

There is going to be cursing. If you get offended by cursing then DON’T READ IT!!

Lemme tell you about this past 24 hours or so.

Last night my computer dies. Again. So I spend like 45 minutes just trying to boot my computer.

Get it booted. Spend the next THREE HOURS downloading, installing, and getting everything set up with Windows 10 (I was on 7) hoping it would fix some of my issues.

Get a call AT TEN THIRTY last night that there’s no school tomorrow due to Wind Chill being way, way low. Call off work, even though I just missed work day before yesterday due to this freaking sinus infection, because I can’t get anyone to watch Miss L on that short notice without paying way, way too damn much.

Go to bed.

Wake up this morning and the house is COLD. Too cold. Something’s freakin’ wrong cold.

Oh yay, lookit-fuckin’-that, our FURNACE DIED. On the coldest day we’ve had this winter. When its literally so cold outside everyone is being warned to stay inside or risk QUICK frostbite. So K gives me his credit card before he goes to work, and I call the HVAC specialist.

280.00 for a 5 minute part swap and 20 dollar part, including 90.00 just for showing up.

Furnace fixed. Sigh of relief.

Fast forward  2 hours or so. Miss L is stripped down to just her underroos, running through the house, beating on her chest, and screeching “I’M TARZAN MOMMY! I’M TARZAN MOMMY!!” at the top of her lungs and bouncing off the couch, climbing on the chairs, etc.

I’m trying not to yell at her because we’re both trapped in the bloody house and her, uh, energy is understandable.  I finally get clothes on her little bony butt, and we go to the store. I rent Hotel Transylvania 2 for her and when we get back I put it on.

Go to log on to my computer to do some blog work, and…WINDOWS 10 WON’T TAKE MY FREAKING PASSWORD. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

So I’m on my phone, googling my issue. Find out I need to enable onscreen keyboard (why?). Do that. Still can’t log on. Log on to K’s profile finally, WHO DOESN’T have admin access, and have to hack my own computer to get access to my original profile and fix everything.

…….oh, AND it started snowing again. And Miss L is due at Kung Fu in an hour.

Basically, I’ve managed to get all the shit fixed, but COME ON ALREADY!

…ohhhhhh annnnnnnnnd I’m having to remotely deal with a problem at work, which consists of dealing with tech who, Circe help him, doesn’t know when to shut up so I can actually get things fixed!

25 thoughts on “Grrrrr….ARGGHHH!

  1. Windows 10 doesn’t fix problems, it makes them.

    I had a weird logging in thing the first time I turned my computer on (it wanted me to put in a username and password and log in … but it was a new computer and had no stored user information. Weird. It behaved normally after I restarted it.)

    That said, I managed to learn to co-exist with it after only a couple of weeks (… in which it continually spat the dummy over third-party antivirus and perfectly normal drivers and all sorts of things it really should be able to handle). I do like how it looks and how they fixed up the start menu to be the app thing instead of whatever madness Windows 8 had (I avoided Windows 8 like the plague). So I guess that’s something.

    I hope your tomorrow is better with less risk of frostbite.

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