Well, that was disturbing.


I think I’m going crazy. I mean, I’ve thought that on and off for a while, but after what I saw tonight, I really think I am going crazy. Don’t know how else to explain it. I’ve been hearing people talking. At least I think they’re people, and no, they aren’t talking to me. I don’t think they are, anyways. Because it’s always at least two voices, and it sounds like general conversation most of the time. Sometimes it sounds like one of them is giving orders to the other person/people.

I brushed it off, you know? I have an active imagination, and I’ve had stories floating through my head for years. So I didn’t make too much of it. I decided to just listen in and see where it took me. See what story my brain had to tell. Well, it’s been like two weeks, and they’re still not speaking English. Wouldn’t they be speaking English by now? It’s not like your brain can construct a whole language randomly in your thoughts, is it?

So, anyways, my brain is going haywire. Okay, right. I’m going crazy. There are pills for that. I was actually planning on making an appointment to talk to the doctor tomorrow. You know I firmly believe there’s no harm in admitting you’re having some issues. Aren’t most mental issues just due to hormones or chemicals or whatever?

Drug me up, Scotty, and make the voices go away.

I don’t know why I said “was” earlier. I AM going to make an appointment with the doctor. But I don’t know if I want to tell him about what I saw tonight.

I mean, I guess my eyes could have been playing tricks on me, or whatever.

I was passing under one of those orange street lamps, and I was looking around like I always do. And in the – Okay, look, I know the chances of someone actually paying attention to anything I write here is relatively small, and you’ll probably just laugh, but… Well, it creeped me out. Okay?

It REALLY creeped me out.*

I swear when I looked into the big plate-glass window of the little shop on my way to the corner store, that there was something behind me. But when I looked over my shoulder, there was nothing there.

I know it sounds like a horror movie and I would normally put it down to the fact that I’ve been on a possession bender lately but here’s the weird thing… It wasn’t still. I mean, if this was a horror movie, it would have been still when I noticed it, and when I looked back, it would have been gone. Right?

But that’s not what happened. See, when I caught sight of it, it was a few steps behind me, and when I stopped, it just kept walking. When I looked back at the window, I caught sight of it again still moving. It just took a few more steps and it was… I don’t know… out of frame, I guess?

And it’s not like I got that hair-rising, or goose-bumpy someone-is-watching-you that you see/feel in those movies either. Whatever I saw, I don’t even think it knew I was there.

Maybe I should make an appointment with the eye doctor, too? I don’t know. I’m not due for another eye exam until April. I guess I’ll have to see if it happens again. It was probably just a trick of the light or something.

I guess I probably sound stupid for being all “I’m going crazy”, don’t I?

This is what happens when you watch too many horror movies.

*This is a work of fiction – Part 1 in a planned series.

16 thoughts on “Well, that was disturbing.

  1. As a psychiatrist, I was a bit worried when I first read this (I was about to ask if the noises were inside or outside of the head. Visual hallucinations are less common in psychosis, although might happen and also happen for organic reasons). Very realistic.

  2. Ok, you got me. I was all set to make reassuring noises (we called the resident ghost in our old house Mildred; she got cranky from time to time) but saw your addendum when I clicked through. Well played.

  3. Let’s hope it’s just an overactive imagination. I think all of us have experienced little bits of what you describe — or at least I have, but then my imagination is frequently in hyperdrive. We hear a noise and our minds interpret it speech. We see something out of the corner of our eye and interpret it as something we know. There’s even a scientific name for it: Pareidolia.

    I’m not saying that’s going on with you, Lilyn, but I’d rather it be pareidolia than that you’ve become an extra in a horror movie.

    1. Y’all have made me feel like a heel. LOL. Please re-read the post. There’s an addendum at the bottom.

      I don’t consider myself a good writer, so I thought it would be obvious it was fiction. Erm… guess I was wrong?

      It’s part 1 in a mini-series that will go until I run out of ideas or get bored.

  4. It’s the voices that would worry me. I would get checked out just to be safe. I have myself seen things that weren’t there and heard voices, as well as heard footsteps and phantom smells in a house where a family member died. My husband did as well. I truly believe theses things happen to those of us who are open.

    1. I don’t consider myself a good writer, so I thought everyone would be aware this was fiction. Once everyone started commenting with concern, I realized I couldn’t NOT tell people.

      I’ve added a fiction addendum to the bottom of the post.!

  5. Ghost? 🙂 😉 I think I see things all the time. I think it’s from an overactive imagination and horror movies and stories…lol. 🙂

    Hope nothing is really wrong though that can be scary. 🙁

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