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Title: Fungoid | Author: William Meikle | Publisher: Dark Fuse | Pub. Date: 2017-1-17 | ISBN13: 9781940544748 | Genre: Sci-Fi Horror | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Source: Self-purchased Kindle book


When the end came, it wasn’t zombies, asteroids, global warming or nuclear winter. It was something that escaped from a lab. Something small, and very hungry.

It starts with deadly rain that delivers death where it falls, but soon the whole planet is under threat as the infection spreads, consuming everything before it.

A band of survivors on the Eastern coast of Canada watch as their world falls and crumbles to ruin. The infection seems relentless. More than that, it seems to be learning, adapting and evolving faster than they can fight it. Worse still—it is infecting not just their bodies, but is creeping into their minds, dancing in their dreams.

Can they stop it before it takes them?

Or must they all join in the final dance of death? – Goodreads

Book cover for Fungoid


Fungoid Review

Oi, why’d I wait so long to pick this one up? Fungoid came on my radar early this year, but I kept giving it a pass. Not really sure why. Maybe I felt like I’d read too many ‘evil fungus’ stories? Who knows. Anyways, it was a stupid move on my part. Very stupid. Because this is a solid piece of fungi fiction. No zombies, no asteroids, just fungal threads, blue hills, and dancing men.

Fungoid plunges right into the thick of things in a very pleasing manner. This is ‘diving in the deep end’ done just right. I loved the rapid pace, the doomsday movie type editing and mental cinematography. The fact that it was played straight without wise-cracking uber-heroes was refreshing too. Normally I’m one for the snark and the cheese, but sometimes a straight up “Welp, we’re screwed!” is nice too.

I believe Fungoid is my first book by William Meikle (though at the rate I read it’s possible I have and just don’t remember.) This definitely won’t be my last. I’m finding that I love these short bites of horror. I’ll leave the King-length chillers to people with the attention span and time for them. Give me something like this that I can devour in a few hours and I’m happy.

Fungoid is an infectiously fun read.  While the ending isn’t quite the balls-to-the-wall that I was hoping for, it’s still satisfying.  Meikle is a talented author, and Fungoid is a fast-paced read of death and destruction.  There’s some truly disturbing imagery in it, so if you have a vivid imagination, I might read this with a few hours between you and bedtime.

It’s a must read if you need a good story to distract you for a while. I’m exceedingly glad that my fellow bookworms were able to convince me to give it a go.

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