Did anyone else listen to the audiobook? What'd you think?

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    Brian Books

    I know I’m the big audiobook guy here — and Joe, who narrated it.

    I thought that Joe did a great job narrating this, allowing the suspense to ooze off the pages and into my ears and allowing me to finish this book in less than 2 days.

    I remember reading his comments when he was recording it and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the book, but I did and I’m really glad that I checked the audiobook out.

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    Lilyn G

    I didn’t. I’ve listened to about half of another book from Joe – (Modern Sorcery) – and like his narration, but on super short books like Whispering Corridors, I prefer to just read it.

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    Joe Hempel

    Brian,  I’m so glad you enjoyed it!  This was a great title, and it was really easy to get into the characters heads and Ambrose Ibsen really made my job easy in bringing that to life.

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    Brian Books

    I love short audiobooks, and I’m a sucker for Joe’s narration AND I knew we were discussing this and I hadn’t read it yet, so it was like a win-win-win-win for me.

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    Joe Hempel

    I know I would have liked this to be longer, if only because I got so into the characters I didn’t want to escape just yet.

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  • I love Audible. Tons of books, fantastic narrators, good prices.