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The forums were created because of the desire of the Dare to Discuss group to carry out their book discussions a little bit easier. (WordPress doesn’t like deeply threaded comments, and Goodreads mobile app leaves a bit to be desired.)

You are welcome to participate in the Dare to Discuss conversation, but keep in mind you do need to register first.

We are still rolling this out, so bugs are possible. Please be patient.


Forum Rule: Do not be a douche. Snarkiness, sarcasm, bad jokes, puns, etc, are all welcome. But if you act like a jerk, you will be banned. If I need to spell out ‘act like a jerk’, then you probably shouldn’t be here.

Forum: Coolthulhu Crew – Testing, randomness, etc.

Forum: Dare to DiscussAgents of Dreamland by Caitlin R. Kiernan

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