Want an Interview?

Interviews are conducted via email. I will send a list of questions, the person I’m interviewing answers them, and sends me the replies.

Interviews are generally accompanied by a brief bio as well as a headshot. It is the author, filmmaker, or publicist’s responsibility to supply both of these.

(List is alphabetically by last name.)

Author Interviews:

Todd Allen

Jonathan Ballagh

Brian Burt

L.X. Cain

Dylan Callens

Frank Cavallo

Kevin Chambers

Michaelbrent Collings

Brenda Cooper

Thorne & Cross

Danielle DeVor

Corinne Duyvis

Alexandra Engellman

S.M. Freedman

Eli Freysson

Andrew Hall

Jaq Hazell

Joseph John

Bruce Lansky

Kat Mayor

Jeff Musillo

Jason Parent

Teri Polen

Perry Prete

Dina Rae

John Ripslinger

J.B. Rockwell

C.M. Saunders

Terry Tyler

C.A. Verstraete


Narrator Interviews:

Joe Hempel

Nick Sullivan

Larissa Thompson


Film-Related Interviews:

Shane Abbess, Writer & Director (The Osiris Child)

Justin Barber, Director (Phoenix Forgotten)

Tracey Birdsall, Actress (Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter)

Victoria De Mare, Actress

Miles Doleac, Writer & Director (Demons)

Keith Melcher, Producer (Bonejangles)

Nicole Jones-Dion, Writer & Director

Justin Price, Director (Alien: Reign of Man)

Uriah Shelton, Actor (Enter the Warrior’s Gate)

Barry Ward, Actor (REALIVE)