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Flyby Five, where we abandon all sense of seriousness and do silly lists about whatever pops into our heads. This segment will be posted every Wednesday we feel like posting it. This is not a serious list, nor is it a “Top 5” list. And there is every possible chance that some of these lists or the language in these lists may not be PG-13 friendly. You have been warned. -L&G

It’s probably no secret by now that I love music. A lot. Particularly rock and heavy metal. I also love horror. So when I can combine the two it makes my pitch-black little heart go all a-fluttery.

So here are some of my favorite books combining music and horror that look awesome. I haven’t read them all but the few I haven’t are definitely on my to-read shortlist. For a description of the book hover on the cover and if you’d like to check out its Goodreads page just click on the link in the title.

Let’s Get a Little Evil

The Final Reconciliation – Todd Keisling

Book cover for The Final Reconciliation

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The Minstrel’s BargainRichard Ayres

Small Sci-Fi and Scary Divider

Shock Rock – Edited by Jeff Gelb

Book cover for Shock Rock I

Small Sci-Fi and Scary Divider

Wyldling Hall – Elizabeth Hand

Small Sci-Fi and Scary Divider

Out of Tune – Edited by Jonathan Maberry

Small Sci-Fi and Scary Divider

Are there any books that you guys know of that combine music and horror? What about horror and any other hobbies? Let us know down below!

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