EMDR and Me: I can make a therapist doubt herself. What’s your super-power?

My latest adventures in EMDR: So… sleep is a wondrous thing. A truly wondrous thing. You don’t know how great it is until you struggle to achieve even one good night’s sleep.

Every other other night now, with the elavil (don’t ask me why it only works on alternating nights. I have no clue), I’m getting a decent amount of sleep.

Praise to all the imaginary deities in the sky, nature, underground, water, spirit world, etc, etc, etc. Thank you, pharmacists!


I didn’t have an EMDR session last week. So this is the first time my therapist has seen me since I’ve switched to the elavil.

We did our usual chat/catch up, and basically the conversation went like this:

Her: You know, whenever I come out into the waiting room to get you, and greet you, you’re always so withdrawn and reserved. I know part of it is you don’t like to do the socializing thing, but it always makes me wonder if you have something against me… but then I get you in the office, and you relax and I think “Well, it can’t be something against me.”

Me: *internal* Duuuuuuuuuuude, my frigid b*tch powers are stroooooong. I can make a therapist doubt herself. Move the eff over, Elsa. I’m the true ice queen.


*end internal* “Ehm..nope. I just generally don’t have the energy to do more than function at more than a basic level.”

Her: It’s amazing. You really are like a different person. You’re even more colorful, like your circulation is better or something! …and its just sleep?

Me: Yep. Seriously, sleep is awesome!

Her: Obviously! Now, beyond sleep, how have you been?

So we did some positive reinforcement EMDR, and… that was that. The end of the session was an agreement that I’d come in right before the birthday of the daughter I lost. Other than that, there was no need to continue the weekly sessions.

Sleep makes THAT big of a difference. It literally moved me from “I want to see you at least once a week” to “eh, there’s no need to do weekly sessions. You’re obviously doing much better.”


It really is amazing how much better I feel just getting decent sleep every other night.

I’m going to have to cut my reviewing back a little bit because I’m not plowing through the books like I have been, but…quite frankly, I’m more than happy to do that.


12 thoughts on “EMDR and Me: I can make a therapist doubt herself. What’s your super-power?

  1. Having had my own sleep problems for the last year or so, I can sympathize. Mine seem to be going away, btw; sadly, the cause is so different my solution would be no help to you.

    As for being withdrawn, hasn’t the psychiatrist heard of introverts? Or is this your way of telling us you’re an introvert’s introvert? Sort of like the female protagonist of the “Dragon Tattoo” books?

    1. Heh. I’m sure she has heard of them. I do tend to present extremely, uh, cold, though. Even one of my best friends growing up told me she thought I was going to be a total B when she first met me. I’m actually extremely easy going, I just hate being around new people. Or groups of people. Or people in the morning. Or people on the weekends, or… well, you get the point.

              1. I used to practice yoga nidra to help me get some sleep, it worked for a while. I really hope you will finally find something that works

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