Embrace Your Geekness Day? Okay.

Your co-hosts here at Sci-Fi & Scary are so deeply steeped in nerd and geek that it would be embarrassing if we could actually be embarrassed about it.

So we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming of science fiction and horror reviews to bring you the top ten ways we embrace our geekness!

From HolidayInsights

Embrace Your Geekness Day is a great day to be a Geek. Or, to know a Geek.

“A geek is an individual who is highly intelligent, brainy and technically oriented. Geeks are at home in the world of computers, and computer systems. A geek is usually formal, studious and into his  or her technical environment, often to the exclusion of all else.”

Now, it’s true that we might stray more into nerd territory than true geekdom, the traits run strong in both of us.

Just to make this fun, though, we’re not going to tell you who is associated with what bit of geekiness. It could be one or both of us. If you think you know us well, feel free to take a stab at it in the comments below.

We Embrace Our Geekness

  1. Has fun learning to code.
  2. Plays with K’nex on a regular basis making things is just fun.
  3. Is the go-to girl for almost all technical issues at her place of work.
  4. Often gets scolded for calling people idiots because they don’t think logically about things.
  5. Truly thinks learning is exciting and doesn’t see why some people don’t like it.
  6. Can disassemble and reassemble gaming consoles and PCs with ease.
  7. Is great with lateral thinking.
  8. Is far more comfortable with computers than people.
  9. Can often get things to work just by touching them, her geek-fu is so strong.
  10. Corrects people when they get things wrong. Constantly. Even when someone is quoting song lyrics.

…and our Nerdiness.

Nerd Bonus Section:

  1. Can name at least ten different Lord of the Rings songs off the top of her head.
  2. Can quote way too many lines of Firefly.
  3. Runs the sister site called, aptly enough Own Your Geek.
  4. Has a minor need to own all the retro-toys, and will spend hours digging through bins at the thrift store for them.
  5. Owns Eats, Shoots, and Leaves and thinks it should be required reading for everyone.
  6. Dressed her kid up as Spock for Halloween.
  7. Can’t not see errors in what she’s reading or watching. Like when exploding heads implode instead.
  8. Is obsessed with weaponry, especially medieval weaponry.
  9. Received so much of her ‘l’arning’ from books that she frequently mispronounces words because she’s never heard them said out loud.
  10. Willing to drive fifteen miles just to play Yu-Gi-Oh with people.

Embrace Your Geekness Day

Embrace Your Geek Day is a (copyrighted) holiday created by Wellcat.com


What about you? What would you list on your resume of geekness or nerdiness? Don’t be shy, we’re all weird here.

9 thoughts on “Embrace Your Geekness Day? Okay.

  1. Fellow yugioh nerd here,love the list and sci-fi and scary rocks,speaking of rocks ,can’t help but wonder if the geology student in Colorado is running a rock deck!Enjoy your site,keep up the good work!

  2. My oldest son is in Colorado for a geology class, working 12 hour days in the field in 95+ degree weather, has camped for 5 days without a proper shower – and texts me because he’s so excited to discover another guy in his group plays Yu-Gi-Oh. Bonding has begun.

    1. I applaud his taste. If he has internet access there’s a really fun online Yu-Gi-Oh! game. It matches you in random matches so you can play against a variety of decks. It’s free and it’s called Dawn of a New Era.

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