Does Your #indie Children’s Book Need A Review Boost?

My month of October is compleeeeteeeeely filled for adult content reviews. (Yay!)

I have one book review for kids books scheduled. ONE. This is a problem. (Boo!)

A BIG problem.

Now, its only I can fairly easily rectify by simply having Miss L  go to the library with me and pick out a couple books specifically for review… but…

I’d like to open the slots up first to indie authors. 

So, if you’re an indie author who has written a children’s book that you would like myself and Miss L to review on a Saturday in October, please have a look at my review policy, and contact me as soon as possible.

Remember: I do not charge for reviews, and e-books are perfectly fine.

Hope to hear from you!

22 thoughts on “Does Your #indie Children’s Book Need A Review Boost?

                    1. Incarnations of Immortality is amazing. The concept is that the concepts of Death, War, Fate, Good, Evil, ect are just jobs. And that people who fulfill certain requirements are given those jobs. Each book deals with 1 office, and in this order: Death, Time, Fate, War, Nature, Evil, Good, Night. I haven’t read the one for Night yet. Its amazing.

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