Doctor Strange Review

Movie cover for Doctor Strange

Synopsis: A former neurosurgeon embarks on a journey of healing only to be drawn into the world of the mystic arts.

Tagline: Open your mind.

Release Date: November 4th, 2016 | MPAA Rating: PG-13 | Coolthulhus Earned: 3

Starring:  Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams

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Doctor Strange Review


I came out of Doctor Strange blinking in bemusement. It was a good movie. If I say good in the tone I use on my 7-year-old when I’m trying to be supportive regardless of the depths of my real feelings about something.  It’s pretty much everything you expect to get from a single-focus superhero movie. Semi-cute hero, sob story, overcoming, lots of action, etc.  This includes the attempts at humor that are shoved in so hard and awkwardly that few actually succeed.  The first gag with the cloak is probably the only time I found myself laughing.

While it was fun to watch Benedict Cumberbatch as someone other than Sherlock, it definitely wasn’t enough to keep me completely engaged in the movie. I may be a fan of his Sherlock (and his depiction of Alan Turing), but I just don’t qualify as a Cumberbunny. (Though I will admit I adore the man for his good-natured Otter mugging and the fact that he’s spoken out and supported good things when he could have stayed silent.) I think that he did the best he could with the material that he was given, and there were scenes where I did feel for him.

I had, of course, heard some of the commentary going into Doctor Strange about Tilda Swinton getting the Ancient One role. Objectively I realize that they shouldn’t have white-washed it. Watching it, though, I had no problems with it. I think this is primarily because Swinton effortlessly pulls off the not-quite-human oddness. (Remember her angel in Constantine? Same deal.) So, a hand slap to Marvel for pulling the whitewash, but a reluctant nod of admiration for choosing the perfect woman to fill the role.

The special effects on Doctor Strange were interesting. Both in a good and bad way. (That ’80s colored lights tunnel scene had me giving it the side-eye.)  It was the special effects seen in the trailer that actually spurred me to go watch the film. (By me, I mean us. The 7-year-old saw the special effects and went goggle-eyed. And it was at the 2nd run theater. So… yeah.) I liked the time-rewind, fight-forward action scene the most. That was probably the one time during the movie when I was fully engaged, truth be told.

Overall, Doctor Strange was a decent Marvel film. My butt wasn’t numb by the time I got out of the seat. I wasn’t really fully invested in what I was watching but I wasn’t mentally begging it to end. I have no desire to rewatch it, and I can’t say anything with enthusiasm about it, but it wasn’t a waste of money to go see.

3 Star Rated Doctor Strange film review


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  1. Tilda Swinton does do otherworldly very well. I loved her as The Snow Queen in Chronicles of Narnia and in Constantine.

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