The Die-Fi Experiment #BookReview

Title: The Die-Fi Experiment | Author: M.R. Tapia | Publisher: Hindered Souls Press | Pub. Date: 07/21/2017 | ASIN: B0737QZT2D | Genre: Horror/Thriller | Language: English | Triggers: Torture, suicide | Rating: 2 out of 5 | Source: Received from the author for review consideration

“I would like to welcome the world to The Die-Fi Experiment. Please join us in the fun that is the deterioration of the world by means of social media.”

(Contains excerpt from M.R. Tapia forthcoming novel, ‘Sugar Skulls’. 

The Die-Fi Experiment Review

I’m a little torn on this book. The writing was decent and very professional. There were no typos and no weird formatting issues. I think that the author does have writing skill hence the two stars.

Maybe it’s an issue with this style not clicking with me but I didn’t really enjoy the story. The pacing was choppy and uneven. It would go back and forth between the narrator meeting his wife and their life up until they end up on “The Die-Fi Experiment”. Then it would jump to their current situation and the various ‘games’ they’re put through. Interspersed with these are chunks of commentary on social media.

I really enjoyed the parts that were about the narrator and his wife. The writer was very skilled at making me like them. Well, until it gets to the part on how they get lured into The Die-Fi Experiment. It was very unbelievable and makes them look really naive and trusting which they don’t seem to be so it really stretches the credibility.

The points on social media were thought out and laid out well but they’re not exactly unique and ground-breaking. Terror and torture as entertainment has been around for a very, very long time. Social media did not inspire the trend. It does make it more internationally accessible but so did Faces of Death.  I also found it just a wee ironic that after all of the things the author had to say about social media platforms at the end there’s a page of acknowledgements to the writer’s Twitter writing family, along with their handles.

Also, the ending seemed to be a little bizarre. I don’t want to give it away but it seemed a bit weird that he chose to do that instead of notifying the police. Also, I have to wonder why it’s set in Japan. For the isolation or some other reason? Because you could isolate a couple just about anywhere for the Die-Fi Experiment. So I have to wonder why Japan was chosen. There’s also an incident at the airport on their arrival that seemed out of place and I’m not sure what point they were trying to make. That every American who travels overseas is an ass? I’m not really sure.

So, to wrap-up, I’d hate to tank it to much because maybe I just didn’t click with it. 

4 thoughts on “The Die-Fi Experiment #BookReview

  1. I’m still struggling with that cover. Eww! LOL I’m having the opposite experience. I’m really enjoying a book but the typos and such, while not too numerous, are hard to ignore.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I’m actually a bit surprised that you’re encountering typos, I didn’t notice any in the copy I received.

    1. I agree. Sometimes you can’t even pin down why you liked or didn’t like a book. You just know that you didn’t. At least here you know.

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