The Dark Man Review (The Graveyard #1)

The Dark Man ReviewThe Dark Man Synopsis: Ford Atticus Ford, former host of the hit ghost-hunting reality show Graveyard: Classified, has more than a few regrets—especially after young Chelsea Hopper was attacked by a demon.

Assisting police departments by conducting paranormal investigations and uncovering buried clues now provides Ford with an ounce of redemption, but it will never be enough.

What occurred on that long-ago Halloween night was unforgivable, and Ford, chasing ratings and stardom, let it happen. With Graveyard cancelled and his reputation destroyed, Ford sets out to avenge little Chelsea, and to save his own soul—if he can. – Goodreads


The Dark Man Review

The Dark Man was a good read. The author doesn’t veer too far into the horror, instead concentrating on the characters interactions with each other. It’s more of a suspense slash tale of redemption than it is anything else. I liked the twists the author gave to his characters and their journey, making them seem completely human. Ford Atticus Ford (I couldn’t get over the complete ridiculousness of that name, though.) is a good guy with a bit of an ego problem, and he knows it. He’s done things – bad things – in the name of ratings, and it bit him in the butt. Even now as he’s trying to make up for what he did wrong, the idea of getting back into the spotlight appeals to him. He was never really able to let go of the show. 4 Star Rated The Dark Man Review

I liked Ford because it was obvious he was a good guy. Yeah, he screwed up, but nobody is perfect, you know? His screw up happened to be on a massive level, unfortunately. Still, it’s easy to feel sympathy, especially when it’s obvious that even with the ego he does legitimately want to help people. There are some revelations about other characters as time goes on, too, that make you feel more for Ford. His mistakes were his, but at least he’s owned up to them.

There’s twist after twist waiting for the reader in The Dark Man. Some you see coming, some you don’t. There was at least one where I was like “Hey! What the .. Where’d that come from?!” Overall, it was an excellent read has just enough scary to appeal to horror fans, but is character driven enough to appeal to everyone else.  Get it now on Amazon and see for yourself. I liked it enough I’ve already downloaded the second book in the series.

Title: The Dark Man | Author: Desmond Doane | Publisher: CreateSpace | Pub. Date: 2015-7-7 | Pages: 264 | ISBN13: 9781514677049 | Genre(s): Suspense & Horror | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Date Read: 2016-7-12 | Source: Kindle Unlimited


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