Do You Dare to Discuss Magonia?


Dare to Discuss Magonia?

Dare to Discuss #2

Bookbloggers, don’t you ever get tired of seemingly talking to air when you review books? Don’t you want interaction beyond “Yeah, I loved it” or “Hmph, I hated it it!”? Sometimes you want to dive into a book. To actually discuss it instead of just talk about it. That desire is how the decision came about to try out our hands at this, a ‘daring deliberation’ of the occasional book. Though we’ll only be featuring reviews from a few bloggers in the main body of the post, everyone is welcome to comment.

Rules for Participation:

It is okay to disagree. In fact, we welcome you to disagree with others. Give your opinion on the book. Talk about it! Just…be POLITE about it. The minute I see it getting out of hand, the ban hammer will come down with mighty vengeance. We don’t care if you’re 14 or 54, keep it polite or keep it shut.
Feel free to link to your own reviews of Magonia, but keep the discussion here please!


Just click on the biiiiiiiiig blue banner to get directed to the discussion, which is being hosted on Melanie Bernard’s site this month!

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