Cutest/Funniest Animals of the Week: Snakes (and goats).

For this Sundays version of Cutest Animals of the Week: Snakes in Hats!
Okay, I don’t care if its been forever since these were a ‘thing’, Snakes in Hats are one of the most adorable things ever!

Red snake in a top hat
Found on:
Snake in a party hat
Found on:


Snake in a santa hat

and because I know that not everyone likes snakes, even if they’re adorable  – lookie! Goats playing.

As usual, these are not mine. I did not create them. I simply found adorable pictures of snakes in hats (and goat video) and passed them on to you. I’ve credited where I found them for the pictures.

2 thoughts on “Cutest/Funniest Animals of the Week: Snakes (and goats).

  1. Haha very cute. But not scary. Well, except the part where someone had to actually touch the snakes and put hats on them. But maybe those were photoshopped?

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