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Title: The Creepypasta Collection | Author: Collected and Edited by Mr. Creepy Pasta | Publisher: Adams Media | Pub. Date: 09/02/2016 | Pages: 301 | Genre: Creepypasta Horror | Language: English | Triggers: Child Death, Suicide | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Source: Self-Purchased

The Creepypasta Collection: Modern Urban Legends You Can’t Unread

There are stories that scare you. And then there are the dark and disturbing creepypasta stories that will leave you seriously freaked out. The Creepypasta Collection is an unsettling anthology of terror, full of nightmares and dangerous creatures–from unearthly supernatural beings to the murderously disturbed. So, lock the doors, check under the bed, turn up the lights, and get ready for an unforgettable, up-all-night journey into the heart of darkness.

The Creepypasta Collection: Modern Urban Legends You Can’t Unread Review

I haven’t watched an of the YouTube videos put out by Mr. Creepy Pasta. And I have to admit that this had been on my wishlist but I only bought it because it went on sale. I really wasn’t expecting the quality to be very good. This is in no way meant to give offense to the writers within. I honestly don’t read too many creepypastas and I’m not familiar with which writers are well-known in the genre. I do think that creepypastas themselves get a pretty low-quality reputation just because they’re online stories and not ‘published’. I’ve read some that were middling and some that were fantastic. Just like traditionally published books the quality can vary.

This is a great collection of stories. Most of them were very creepy. I also liked the presence of the infamous Smile Dog and Jeff the Killer. I was also introduced to some new characters that I’d like to check out. One of the main differences between general stories and creepypastas is that they’re usually told in first person and usually as though they’re ‘true’. There were a couple of stories that didn’t really float my boat but in general the quality is very good. There are no grammar screw-ups, spelling errors or misused words. So, let’s check out the stories shall we?

Picture This Vincent V. Cava

This story didn’t start out the collection very strongly for me. It wasn’t that it was badly written or anything. It just seemed a little mundane. Which is probably my own fault. I was expecting something along the lines of a haunted painting type of story. And, now that I’ve criticized it, I’m going to lock my door. Just in case.

Creeping Crimson Michael Marks

This story really caught my attention. I thought it was fantastic. It says something about fiction in general when you automatically expect the wife of the story to be bitchy or a nag. Nope. She was awesome. Great story all-around.

Teeny TinyMax Lobdell

This story was truly terrifying and on a more realistic level (barring one slightly unrealistic thing). Excellent story.

The Horror from the VaultIsaac Boissonneau

This story had  distinctly Lovecraftian feel to it (besides the title). The monster was awesome and described very well.

PerfumeMichael Whitehouse

Perfume had a very Gothic feel to it. The horror and finale having more of a psychoanalytical feel but was great. It also said enough to get the point across without going into unnecessary detail.

A Dark Stretch of RoadBarnabas Deimos

We all know a dark stretch of road can only lead to no good, don’t we? This had an ending that actually surprised me and was a great closer to the story.

A Trick of PerspectiveMatt Dymerski

A very interesting take on the ‘being watched’ genre of horror and creepypastas.

Down in the Library BasementRona Vaselaar

Even though it was a little easy to see where it was going the enduing was still something of a surprise. I was actually left wanting more.

Voices in the Spirit BoxMichael Marks

This was one of the best in the collection, in my opinion. The story was great and you cared about the characters. Enough to make the last few pages terrible and creepy. I don’t say this much but my scalp actually prickled a bit at the end.

When Dusk Falls on Hadley TownshipT.W. Grim

I wanted to like this more than I actually did. I love creepy towns with secrets but this story just never jelled for me. Too many disjointed incidents without a good explanation to bring them all together. Being vague can be a good thing but sometimes the reader needs a bit more information to be sufficiently creeped out.

They Die NamelessAaron Shotwell

Another with a bit of a Lovecraftian flair to it. A good story but again, a page or two more would have helped explain the moving force behind it. I’m not saying it has to be spelled out to a tee but readers need something to go on.

The Nice GuyWellHey Productions

A very good story with a definite urban legend feel to it. It could have flowed a bit smoother in spots but the ending had a nice kick to it.

The Yellow RaincoatSarah Cairns

An excellent entry into the creepypasta creature lore. And one I hope to read more of.

Depression is a DemonGoldc01n

A very brief, hard-hitting piece. Excellent.

Licks from a BearMax Lobdell

Not one of my favorites. Others may like it better but I found it a trifle boring. I definitely ‘enjoyed’ Teeny Tiny more.

PsychosisMatt Dymerski

Even though the title is a bit bland the story was great. I did and did not like the ending at the same time. This is one that would have been better served by being a bit ambiguous.

She Beneath the TreeMichael Marks

a very creepy story. What is it with trees? Why do they freak us out so? Especially when used effectively in stories such as this. And I love the title.

Smile.MontanaAaron Shotwell

A good Smile Dog story that had a good ending. Or will it end there?

BedtimeMichael Whitehouse

I definitely liked his earlier entry ‘Perfume’ much better. This story seemed to drag on and was very repetitive.

Jeff the Killer: Right on TimeVincent V. Cava

A great story about everyone’s favorite (fictional) internet psychopath with an awesome twist that I didn’t see coming.

A very solid collection. The couple of stories I disliked may hit someone else’s creepy-bone just right enough to scare them. I saw in the back that a few of the authors here have published their own books. I look forward to reading them.

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