5 Cool Coloring Books to Share with Kids

Everyone knows adult coloring books are ‘in fashion’. And anyone with children knows that you get approximately two minutes alone with your coloring book before certain grubby fingers are making a play for it. So, I decided to make a list of the coolest coloring books you can buy specifically to share with your kids. You’ll have to use your own judgment in regards to your child’s ability, but I think you’ll find something for even the littlest colorers on this list.

5 Cool Coloring Books to Share with Kids

Harry Potter Coloring Book (1 of 4) – Available on Amazon for $10.56 or on Barnes and Noble for $10.77

I chose to list this one because of the mixture of artistic styles included. Reviews report that it has some very intricately detailed pages (Yay for us old people) and some very simplistically drawn ones. From what I could see in previews and reviews, I agree.





Disney Villains –  The first one is available here on Amazon for $9.95 or on Barnes and Noble for the same price. And from there you can follow the recommended links to find the other one.

This is a two-fer. The adult coloring book has some incredibly detailed doodles, and I wince at the idea of my child coloring in it. However, I think getting this much more simply illustrated one for her to color, and the more detailed one for myself is a fantastic idea.





Let’s Color Together: A Shareable Coloring Book for Parents and Kidson Amazon for $11.81 and at Barnes & Noble for the same price.

While this one doesn’t exactly have the most awesome and eye-catching illustrations, it’s made specifically with family coloring time in mind. Both parent and child will be able to color at the same time. So even if it is hearts and flowers, you’re still getting in some quality time with your kiddo.





Dr. Seuss Coloring Book – Available on Amazon for $11.18 and on Barnes and Noble for $11.40
This one has some intricate pieces to it, but… It’s Dr. Seuss. So regardless of whether your children will be able to get all the little details, it’s still a book to enjoy together. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and instead just enjoy bringing to life the well-known characters from the stories you’ve read together.





The Lonely Planet: World’s Cutest Animals Coloring Bookon Amazon for $11.99 or on Barnes and Noble for the same price.

So this book is actually marketed towards kids. However, it’s got a circular mandala style for the illustrations, and they’re just detailed enough to make the casual colorer happy. I can definitely see being able to sit down with a younger child and both of us having a blast working on these truly cute animal illustrations.

Bonus: Each picture has an already colored variant of it listed too. So you can try to recreate it exactly, or ignore it and do whatever you’d like.


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