Twilight Zone Tuesday – Long Live Walter Jameson

Long Live Walter Jameson Professor Walter Jameson/Tom Bowen/Major Hugh Skelton – Kevin McCarthy Professor Sam Kittridge – Edgar Stahli Susanna Kittridge – Dodie Heath Laurette Bowen – Estelle Winwood Trigger Warnings (highlight to see) : Suicidal thoughts, almost completes tries
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Twilight Zone Tuesday – A World of Difference

A World of Difference Arthur Curtis/Gerry Reagan – Howard Duff Nora Reagan – Ellen Ryan Mr. Brinkley – David White We open on a comfy looking office. Complete with pen stand, a picture of the wife and little girl, and
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Twilight Zone Tuesday – The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street I know this is generally a highly rated episode and usually makes a lot of ‘Top Ten Twilight Zone Episodes’ lists. Truthfully though? While I can’t say it’s one of the worst, it’s
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Twilight Zone Tuesday – Mirror Image

Mirror Image Millicent Barnes – Vera Miles Paul Grinstead – Martin Milner Ticket Agent – Joseph Hamilton Washroom Attendant – Naomi Stevens We’re at a Bus Depot and there’s a raging thunderstorm outside. Inside the Bus Depot there’s a woman
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Twilight Zone Tuesday – Elegy

Elegy Serling: The time is the day after tomorrow; the place- A far corner of the universe; The cast of characters – 3 men lost amongst the stars 3 men sharing the common urgency of all men lost – they’re
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Twilight Zone Tuesday – The Purple Testament

The Purple Testament Lt. William Fitzgerald – William Reynolds Capt. Phil Riker – Dick York Capt. Gunther – Barney Phillips Smitty – Michael Vandever

Twilight Zone Tuesdays – The Last Flight

The Last Flight Lt. William Terrence Decker – Kenneth Haigh Major General George Harper – Alexander Scourby Major Wilson – Simon Scott A.V.M. Alexander “Leadbottom” MacKaye, R.A.F. – Robert Warwick Panning down from the Twilight Zone intro we pan down
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Twilight Zone Tuesday – The Fever

The Fever Franklin Gibbs – Everett Sloane Flora Gibbs – Vivi Janiss Narrator – Rod Serling There’s enough neon signs to let us know that yes, indeed, we are in Las Vegas. Let’s see, a roulette wheel, dice, cigarette girl,
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Twilight Zone Tuesday – The Hitch-Hiker

The Hitch-Hiker Nan Adams – Inger Stevens The Hitch-Hiker – Leonard Strong Sailor – Adam Williams Mechanic – Lew Gallo Counterman – Russ Bender Gas Station Man (a.k.a. Mean Old Bastard) – George Mitchell

Twilight Zone Tuesday – I Shot An Arrow Into The Air

I Shot An Arrow Into The Air Colonel Bob Donlin – Edward Binns Corey – Dewey Martin Pierson – Ted Otis Trigger Warnings (highlight to see): Images of dead bodies (in the show and in this post), someone getting shot
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