Sci-Fi: A Passion for the Fantastic by Christopher F. Cobb

Book cover The Slant Six

I met Chris when he submitted his book The Slant Six to the site for review consideration. The synopsis was interesting, the cover was eye-catching, but what really made me decide to give it a read was that it had
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Science Fiction: Can It Exist Without Horror?

Book cover for If I Let You Go

Ashley Dufault is the author of If I Let You Go. Her debut novel, If I Let You Go was published on November 24th. I had put out an open call for guest posts for a general topic of “science
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Bad Movie Recap & Review: Anaconda 3: The Offspring

Movie cover for Anaconda 3: The Offspring

J.B. Rockwell, author of Serengeti (loved it!), Dark and Stars (loved it, too!), and Hecate (haven’t read it yet), sacrifices brain cells for Sci-Fi & Scary every month for what she calls Bad Movie Recap & Review time. I wait
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These Are a Few of My Scariest Things by Kat Mayor

Book cover for The Spirit Chaser

Kat Mayor, who wrote the lovely The Spirit Chaser, along with it’s follow-up Melancholy Ghost, has written for the site in the past for Halloween. Last year she gave us a lovely article on Chinese Ghosts that still gets views.
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Shine on the Path by Eddie Generous

Issue 4 of Unnerving Magazine

As part of promoting Horror during October, we’ve asked authors to talk about a horror book or author that has made an impact on them. This first entry comes from Eddie Generous, who operates Unnerving Magazine. Shine on the Path
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Bad Movie Recap and Review: Deep Blue Sea

Movie cover for Deep Blue Sea

J.B. Rockwell is at it again. This time, she’s taking on a movie that I – Lilyn – absolutely love. However, I know she’ll treat it with all the respect (heh) it deserves. Enjoy this bad movie recap and review
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Bad Movie Recap & Review: Escape from New York

Movie cover for Escape from New York

Do these posts really need any introduction at this point? You know what to expect and you know you’ll be entertained. I give the floor to JB Rockwell, author of Serengeti, Dark and Stars, and most recently, Hecate. Find her
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On Writing Kid’s Horror by Michael F. Stewart

For our weekly guest post, we have Michael F. Stewart, author of Keep in a Cold, Dark Place joining us. Michael is an old hat at this writing thing, with eleven distinct works on his CV, including 4 graphic novels.
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Bad Movie Recap & Review: Timecop

Movie cover for Timecop

Science? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Science! J.B. Rockwell returns in her next monthly installment of her Bad Movie Recap & Review. This time she’s taking on that spiffing example of the 80s/90s action movie flick: Timecop.  Sit back, relax,
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Flash Gordon: The Bad-Bad Movie with the Good-Good Soundtrack

  J.B. Rockwell, author of the fantastic Serengeti, entertained us all when she did a guest post on Sci-Fi & Scary about Lake Placid: The Reason I Like Bad Movies Summed Up in One Film . In fact, it was
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