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Confessions of a Horror Virgin: Love at 12th Sight

Some people are naturally drawn to the horror genre. They readily share their reading and viewing recommendations and know all the tropes. Others have a…


Twisted Anatomy: A SF&S Body Horror Anthology

Sci-Fi & Scary is pleased to announce that we are opening submissions for our first charity anthology, with a goal of publishing in mid-February, 2021. …

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Exclusive Cover Reveal: Always Greener by J.R.H. Lawless

LIFE’S BIGGEST VICTIM, PLEASE STEP UP AND CLAIM YOUR PRIZE! A smash-hit reality show is offering a lifetime of luxury to the one person living…

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Book Tour: The Dead Planet Series by Drew Avera

ExodusThe Dead Planet Series Book 1by Drew AveraGenre: Science Fiction The future is darker than you think! Serus is a killer. As a policeman he…

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Book Tour: Metrofloat New York by William Quincy Belle

Metrofloat New York by William Quincy BelleGenre: Science FictionA Post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi thriller. Several hundred years in the future, Earth is a different planet. Antigravity has…


Guest Post: 5 Bizarro Books I Recommend

Today’s post is from Emily who is best known as book.happy on Instagram and bookhappy08 on Twitter. She’s a fantastic Instagrammer, a hard-working member of…


Book Tour: The Prospero Chronicles: Splinters #BookReview

The Prospero Chronicles Book 1: Splinters by Fiona J.R. Titchenell & Matt Carter Genre: YA Horror, SciFi Under normal circumstances, Ben and Mina would never…

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OBSIDEO: A Prequel to WILL HAUNT YOU – Part 2

Brian Kirk’s novel Will Haunt You was inspired by a couple from his neighborhood who disappeared after finding a strange book in their home. Brian witnessed this…


A Year in the Lagoon: Why I Only Read Women in 2018 and What it Taught Me

Reading Goals and Rapists Towards the end of every year I start thinking about my reading goals for the following year. In 2017 that thought…

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