For Review: Rising from the Sand by Ria Fritz

Rising from the SandTitle: Rising from the Sand
Author: Ria Fritz
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 176
Available: 10/20/2016-1/20/2017
Readability: Meets Standard
Goodreads Synopsis:

Tioria, the most crime-ridden city on the planet Krygilis, has always been full of trouble for Wynette Brown to get into. Between late-night adventures at lesbian bars and her job as a Protectorate Escort Specialist, she knows the planet, its people and its sources of mischief too well. But her latest assignment gets her in way over her head, even with her rookie colleague Laris, mechanical genius Plutonia, and flirtatious detective Kirin at her side. Spontaneous cases of amnesia have flooded the city, and when the clues aren’t adding up, the team has to throw the rulebook out the window. Trusting a Tiorian cop like Kirin is the start of a wild ride in itself, but tracking down the cause of the missing memories will force Wynette to go far above and beyond what she ever dreamed of signing up for.

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