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Book Spotlights for the Indie Author

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The selected book takes center stage in a post on (generally) Tuesdays at 6:30. This post remains the ‘top post’ until 8:00 the next day. This ensures you get maximum viewings on my top-ranking day.

A book spotlight for the indie author includes:

  • png of cover
  • synopsis
  • ISBN13
  • genre listing
  • number of pages
  • current Goodreads rating
  • The first paragraph of your work as a ‘teaser’ (optional)

What else is included?

  • headshot of author (optional)
  • website listing
  • Other social media listing (ie: Twitter name)
  • Quote from you about writing (optional)
  • Your overall Goodreads rating.

What is not included?

  • A book review, unless otherwise specified.
  • Scifi and Scary’s explicit endorsement. (We want to give you a chance to promote your book because we know indie publishing can be hard. We’re not going to step forth and say your book is awesome and people should definitely buy it if we’ve never read it.)

Other info:

  • Books must fall in the science fictionhorror, or thriller genre to qualify.
  • Books must be considered independently published (ie: you are an indie author who self-published, OR went through a publishing company that is considered ‘independent’.)
  • A book can only be Spotlight’ed one time.
  • An author can have multiple books Spotlight’ed, but no earlier than month apart each.
  • Book Spotlights are free. The only thing I ask is that you link to the post on your webpage.
  • If you’re a jerk, I’ll yank your Spotlight and you’ll never have a chance again.

Fill out the embedded form. If for some reason you cannot see the form, you may send an inquiry email to [email protected]
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**Other services are offered, and you may qualify for one of them in addition to OR instead of a Book Spotlight. Please reference the menu under For Authors/Publishers to learn more about Interviews and Guest Posts**

Book Spotlight Archives:

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Europa: Awakenings by P.R. Garcia

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Circus of Horrors by Carole Gill

Banshee by Terry Maggert

Phases by P.S. Winn

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