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by  Andrew Hall

TabithaTabitha Synopsis: Nothing could prepare Tabitha Jones for the dead infested world she woke up to. Robbed of her loved ones and altered by the venom of an alien species, she’s forced to leave her old life behind and survive the ruins of Earth.

Haunted with grief and pursued relentlessly by monstrous swarms and desperate survivors, Tabitha must face her own changing nature and ever-evolving abilities as she searches for the remnants of civilisation. But when humanity turns on her, and the alien threat hunts their hybrid creation ever more obsessively, Tabitha quickly realises that there’s only one side left to fight for – her own. – Goodreads




Publication Date: January 1st, 2014

Pages: 538

Where to Buy: Amazon

Current Goodreads Rating: 3.86


Grey clouds had drifted over in the afternoon, with all the tense static threat of a thunder storm to come. The rain spat down cold and hard as Tabitha reached the city, lashing against broken windows and tumbling down them in paper-thin waterfalls. It wasn’t the city as she remembered it; this was a deathly ruin. For one sudden second lightning struck the whole world blind. Thunder filled the tomb-grey sky. The toppled city buildings in the distance turned the horizon into jagged concrete teeth. Tabitha walked on down the road, pulling her hood down further over her wet shadowed face. On either side of her the abandoned cars lay dead and mangled. They’d been crashed into lamp posts, bus stops, walls and one another. Ploughed into obstacles weeks ago by drivers senseless with fear. Here and there Tabitha saw bite marks in the cars’ bodywork. The marks were scraping gouges, twisted and torn out of side panels and roofs. Molten metal had been drooled around the bite marks and set hard like solder. One car’s bonnet had been torn half off. The car bled oil down the road, glossy and slick and multi-coloured in the puddling rain. Looking into the dark cavity of the car bonnet, something had gorged itself on half the engine block. The creature’s fading motor-oil footprints led off up the road ahead, into the heart of the toppled city. These footprints weren’t the small, neat, countless dots of spider feet. They were big, heavy, clawed and brutal. Bigger than both her feet pressed together. They were the footprints of a monster.

She didn’t make out its shape at first. It was only when it drooled glowing molten metal as it fed that she noticed it, sprawled out and gripping close to the side of a city tram, like it was making love to it. Its molten slather beaded and slopped from its mouth and hit the wet road in a hissing cloud of steam. Its white eyes stared at the sky, unblinking, while it shredded sheet metal and devoured it with grinding black jaws. Everything about it was black and heaving. The monster swallowed its mouthful of molten metal so loudly that Tabitha heard it up the road. Some kind of exhaust jutted out of its back then; a glowing growth that hissed and sighed a huge jet of steam. The monster’s rubbery black metal body gleamed in the rain and the grey daylight, dripping and hulking as it dropped down to the road and rested. Suddenly its head snapped around in her direction, white eyes staring. Terrified, Tabitha had hidden behind a half-eaten taxi. Its bodywork was covered in messy welding where the creature had bitten and slobbered. She peered around from the wheel arch, looking through the doorless back door, through the taxi’s torn-open front, to where the alien stood in the distance. It hadn’t moved; it hadn’t turned its head. It was just staring in the rain, eyes glowing cold, watching down the road for any sign of the intruder. Tabitha didn’t dare breathe.

Andrew In Space

Andrew Hall is an independently published author with three distinct works under his belt.

His overall Goodreads rating is: 3.86 (from 220 ratings!)

His Amazon page is here.

His Twitter Handle is: @andrew_in_space

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