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Neverlight Synopsis: Are we mere puppets, a slave to the will of others? Influence, an inescapable and unseen force exerted upon all of us. Can we ever say that we are creatures of free will, acting according to our desires and not of those around us? Influence is the white noise that bombards our every waking moment, clouding our thought, hindering our judgement.

Looking beyond our existence, there are those beings that dwell beneath the surface of our planet, ancient entities twisted in their resentment of our freedoms, that would mean us harm. Theirs is an influence ancient in its origin, born from evil and cruel intent. Their will presses upon us, calling out to our most primal instincts.

We, oblivious, heed their call.


Publication Date: March 30th, 2016

Pages: 141

Genre: Horror

Where to Buy: Amazon

Current Goodreads Rating: 5.00


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You will not see it marked on any map, nor will you find anyone willing to take you there should they happen to know its location. Though the promise of untold riches features within the stories associated with this place, so to do those of Abarath, the creature said to stand guard over the subterranean labyrinth that goes by the name of Filey’s Motte.
During my travels, I had heard countless stories of careless souls who, in their earnest to find their fortune, entered the Motte never to be heard from again. No doubt you grow weary of hearing such a tale rehashed and repeated ad infinitum, so allow me to present a different version of this famous yarn.
It was 1964. I was twenty-one, foolish and headstrong. My friend Albert and I had taken to the roads that summer, driving across the country in a bid to leave the pressures of university life far behind us. Albert was a bookish sort, and he had taken it upon himself to mark out a series of places that he thought would be interesting to visit. We saw historical monuments, quaint English villages and countless other remnants of our country’s rich heritage. It was Filey’s Motte that was to be our last stop.
Albert explained how he had stumbled across an interesting legend while researching one of his more arcane texts earlier that term. It told of a subterranean labyrinth that at its heart contained wealth beyond all measure. Worryingly, the book also spoke of an unholy guardian that keeps a constant vigil over the maze. Further research yielded several possible locations of the Motte but little more in the way of insight as to its content.
It was the final location on our list of places to visit that proved to be the most telling, for the villagers of (name omitted) came forth with an abundance of information regarding the Motte. The tongues in the village tavern once suitably loosened with ale began to wag and warn of the folly of our plan. Though none could point to the exact origin of the Motte, all in attendance agreed that it predated local records and several argued that the Saxons and the Celts were aware of the Motte. One gentleman who wished to remain anonymous said that the site was once used for Pagan worship, and the beast that was contained within was imprisoned by a brotherhood of Warlocks whose lineage had long since faded to dust. With our interests piqued, we decided to head to the site come sunrise.


Dan Weatherer for Neverlight Spotlight
Dan Weatherer is an independent author with 14 distinct works under his belt.

His overall Goodreads Rating is: 4.51 (from 61 ratings!)

His Amazon page is here.

His Twitter handle: dweather21

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