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Banshee Synopsis: Cities Fall. Dragons Rise. War Begins. The war for earth began in Hell. First came the earthquakes. Then came the floods. Finally, from the darkened mines, caves and pits, the creatures of our nightmares boiled forth to sweep across the planet in a wave of death.

Mankind, on the run and unprepared, is not alone. We have dragons. Emerging from their slumber, giant dragons select riders to go to war. Their forces strike back at the legions of demons that attack on the night of every new moon. The Killing Moon, as it becomes known, is the proving ground for warriors of skill and heart. Among the riders is Saavin, a brave young woman from the shattered remains of Texas. Her dragon, Banshee, is swift and fearless, but they will need help to fight a trio of monstrous creatures that Hell is using to take cities one by one.

With the help of French Heavener, a warrior of noble intent, Banshee and Saavin will launch a desperate defense of New Madrid, the last city standing. But first, they’ll have to go into the very cave where demons bide their time until the sun fades and the moon is black.

The hope of mankind rests on dragon’s wings and the bravery of Saavin and French.
They have the guts. They have the guns. They have dragons.

ISBN13: 9781508749776

Publication Date: March 7, 2015

Pages: 313

Genre: Science Fiction | Fantasy

Where to Buy: Amazon

Current Goodreads Rating: 4.08 out of 5.00

Author Info

Terry MaggertTerry Maggert is an independently published author with 13 works under his belt.

He says:Banshee is the result of a decades long (unhealthy) fascination with dragons, often at the cost of other “real” science (I’m looking at you, calculus). In particular, Anne McCaffrey was the first human to build a world that I actually wanted to visit. I grew up on the beach, so the idea of most fantasy worlds didn’t compare to the real thing, but Pern was special. I cut my teeth on 1970s horror, and have spent the bulk of my years reading, eating, doing something vaguely sportsy, or complaining about not doing any of the aforementioned things. I live near Nashville now, but I dream in Floridian, which is a nice way of saying I miss the ocean but love the low crime rate here.”

His overall rating on Goodreads is: 4.03 (from 528 ratings!)

His Amazon page is here.

His website is here.

His Twitter name is: @TerryMaggert