Treasure of the Black Hole Review (Sci-Fi Noir)

Treasure of the Black HoleTreasure of the Black Hole Synopsis:

The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of . . .

When private detective Rick Bailey is hired by the exotically beautiful and outrageously wealthy Princess Nora, he thinks it’ll be easy money. Escaping from her rebellion-torn kingdom, the princess has lost her handmaiden, Lores: the only person who knows how to find the hidden royal jewels.

But when his search for the equally lovely Lores turns deadly, Bailey realizes that there is more to this case than it first seemed. When someone tries to kill him, he discovers that the roots of evil run deep.

With his own set of values and sense of honor, Bailey must keep one step ahead of murderous mobsters, secret government operatives, and a genetically enhanced Lores as he races across the galaxy in search of the truth. The only things he knows he can trust are his eight-foot-tall ladybug-like girl Friday and a powerful weapon that responds to his thoughts.

Will Bailey find the treasure of the black hole in time and will he survive long enough to discover why it is something worth killing for? – Goodreads


Treasure of the Black Hole Review

This was a fun read. Just outright fun. You got your fedora-wearing private detective, your luscious damsel in distress, and the standard deceit and intrigue; so, you know you’re in for something good. Then you realize the secretary is a gigantic bug alien, its set on another planet far in the future, and and there’s some tech that makes you drool. It goes from good to the point where you sit back, cackle, and rub your hands together in delight (…or maybe that’s just me.5 Star Rated Treasure of the Black Hole Review

S. Evan Townsend does a great job putting together a traditional 50’s detective story with decidedly non-traditional elements in a way that makes it almost impossible for you to walk away from. I loved that the twists just kept piling on, giving you exactly what you want in this type of story.

He is the first author I’ve read in science fiction to follow the racial amalgamation theory, resulting in a diverse protagonist that you can’t help but like.

Favorite quote (shared with permission from the author):

“No. But all humans look alike. How you people mate, I’ll never know. Disgusting.”

I’ve read how his race produces. It requires five of them: Four chromosome donors, one recipient. The word “disgusting” doesn’t come close.

This was a great read by a talented author. Its not the type of story that will stay with you or imparts some deep philosophical knowledge, but not every good story has to be one of those. Its definitely one to pick up if you need to lose yourself in a bit of silliness and adventure for a few hours.

Treasure of the Black Hole was #1 on my Top 10 “Sci-Fi and Scary Reads” of 2015.

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Book Details for the Treasure of the Black Hole Review

Title: Treasure of the Black Hole | Author: S. Evan Townsend (site) | Publisher: Space Resources Publishing | Publication Date: 2015-8-3 | Pages: 202 | ASIN: B013D07YS4 | Genre(s): Mystery & Science Fiction | Language: English | Rating: 5 out of 5 | Triggers: None | Date Read: 2015-10-29 | Source: Received a copy free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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