A Review of Tilt Your Head, Rosie the Red by Rosemary McCarney

What’s it about?

“Arriving at school, Rosie is dismayed to see the kids on the playground taunting her classmate Fadimata, who is Muslim and wears a headscarf. Rosie comes up with a plan. Rosie has a red cape she likes to wear, so she asks Fadimata if she would turn the cape into a headscarf for her. The other kids in their class don’t want to be left out, so they ask Fadimata to make them headscarves as well. The experience confirms Rosie’s belief that if you tilt your head and look at things differently, you can see the world through someone else’s eyes.”

-Goodreads Synopsis

My Review of Tilt Your Head, Rosie the Red

With gorgeous coloured-pencil illustrations and a simple easy-to-understand story, Tilt Your Head, Rosie the Red is definitely a book worth its place on your child’s shelf. Written with ages 4 to 8 in mind, it approaches the subject of looking different with simple grace. In this case, as has been the trend in children’s books lately, the ‘looking different’ is specific in regards to the wearing of the hijab by Muslim children. Rosie the Red is the super-kid of the day, coming in with free-spirited acceptance of her new classmate’s hijab. With her take on viewing the world through different angles, it doesn’t take long before she has her own view on how to help combat the ‘you look different’ stigma, by having her new friend make a hijab for her out of her cape, and proudly wearing it.

This book skims over the societal issues we face with the current anti-Muslim rhetoric, and instead focuses (as it should) on one aspect that kids within the intended age-range can understand. The visible difference in appearance caused by adherence to religious standards, and the fact that it does not change the fact that underneath – kids are just kids.

Overall, while I was not as fond of this book as I was of the other books I’ve read from Second Story Press, Tilt Your Head, Rosie the Red is a book that does the job it sets out to do rather well. I would recommend it to parents who have children in the appropriate age-range.

4 Star Rating

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Title: Tilt Your Head, Rosie the Red | Author: Rosemary McCarney | Illustrator: Yvonne Cathcart | Publisher: Second Story Press | Pub. Date: 2015-4-7 | Pages: 24 | ISBN: 1927583594 | Genre: Children’s | Language: English | Source: I received a copy of this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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