Review of The Undying by Ethan Reid

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25092901In this riveting apocalyptic thriller for fans of The Passage and The Walking Dead, a mysterious event plunges Paris into darkness and a young American must lead her friends to safety—and escape the ravenous “undying” who now roam the crumbling city.

Jeanie and Ben arrive in Paris just in time for a festive New Year’s Eve celebration with local friends. They eat and drink and carry on until suddenly, at midnight, all the lights go out. Everywhere they look, buildings and streets are dark, as though the legendary Parisian revelry has somehow short circuited the entire city.

By the next morning, all hell has broken loose. Fireballs rain down from the sky, the temperatures are rising, and people run screaming through the streets. Whatever has happened in Paris—rumors are of a comet striking the earth—Jeanie and Ben have no way of knowing how far it has spread, or how much worse it will get. As they attempt to flee the burning Latin Quarter—a harrowing journey that takes them across the city, descending deep into the catacombs, and eventually to a makeshift barracks at the Louvre Museum—Jeanie knows the worst is yet to come. So far, only she has witnessed pale, vampiric survivors who seem to exert a powerful hold on her whenever she catches them in her sights.

These cunning, ravenous beings will come to be known as les moribund—the undying—and their numbers increase by the hour. When fate places a newborn boy in her care, Jeanie will stop at nothing to keep the infant safe and get out of Paris—even if it means facing off against the moribund and leaving Ben—and any hope of rescue—behind.-Goodreads Synopsis

My Review of The Undying by Ethan Reid

This was a book that seemed to drag on forever. Its not that it was badly written, per say, but even though things were frequently happening as the main characters experienced the event, and began their fight to reunite and get to safety, it felt like hardly anything was happening. It’s an action-packed book that, at least for the first half, seems to move at a snail’s pace.3 Star Rated Review

I was interested in reading it because of the title (who doesn’t love a good ‘zombie’ book?), and the description, but by halfway through the book, we’d only seen the bad guys a handful of times, and only the main female protagonist had seen them at that. See what I mean about glacial pace? After the halfway mark, the action like it was rolling along, but at that point, the story had already lost me.

I couldn’t connect with the main characters at all, so their actions meant nothing to me. The journey they undertook is a blur in my head, except for a scene that I trigger warn about below in the technical stuff/specs. That was completely rough to read. I mean, to the author’s credit, he wrote it well enough that I could accept why the character thought she had to do what she did, so it wasn’t a “Bull!” moment, but still. It was the hardest, most pulse-pounding thing to read in a book that has monsters in it, and it had nothing to do with the monsters. The zombie-vampire things could have been interesting, but by the time they were truly in  the story, I was reading the book just so I could say I finished it. I can’t say I’ll be looking for anything else from this author in the future.

Title: The Undying | Series: The Undying Series | Author: Ethan Reid (site) | Publisher: Simon & Schuster (site) | Pub. Date: 2014-10-7 | Pages: 312 | ASIN: B00K3NEEC4 | Genre: Horror & Post-Apocalyptic | Language: English | Triggers: Child Death due to Smothering, CPR on infant scene | Rating: 3 out of 5 | Date Read: 2015-12-5 | Source: Received a copy free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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