A Review of The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue

What’s it about?

Its the tale of Henry Day, and the two persons who live his life. You see, changelings are real and the quiet and lonely children are the ones who are in danger. What happens if both never forget who/what they are? Time shall tell.



My Review of The Stolen Child

I’ve read tons of positive reviews about this book, and I love The Boy Who Drew Monsters (my review) and Centuries of June (my review), so I went in to The Stolen Child expecting to love it.3 Star Rating

Except… I didn’t.

Its a good book. Don’t get me wrong. Its well-written, but there’s nothing that pulls me into it. There’s a melancholic listlessness that Donohue illustrates well, but that in itself is not enough. There’s no exceptional imagery like we got in Centuries of June (scenes from that book are still imprinted on my brain). There’s no creepy factor like he delivered in The Boy Who Drew Monsters. Its a nice story, and that’s it. There’s nothing I can think of beyond ‘nice’ to describe it. Nice, unfortunately, to a voracious reader also means utterly forgettable. A book that gets firmly shelved on the “enjoyed once, not worth re-reading” shelf.

It just drifts, from beginning to end, with only the occasional flash of the Donohue that we see in Centuries of June and The Boy Who Drew Monsters. There’s nothing to anchor on to in the story. Nothing that latches on to you, exclaiming “Care about me!” It’s a daydream on a hot day when you’re drifting between sleeping and waking with the vaguest wisps of interesting ideas in your mind. Ideas that you can’t quite spin into the tale you know they deserve.

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Title: The Stolen Child |Author: Keith Donohue (site) | Publisher: Nan A. Taleese | Publication Date: May 2006 | Pages: 327 | Genre: Fantasy | Language: English | Triggers: Kidnapping | Rating: 3 out of 5 | Source: Library

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  1. I read this book many years ago for a book club I was in and I remember thinking it was just okay. The unfortunate thing was that the author came to our book club meeting. It was kind of awkward…

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