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The Faithful Synopsis: Years ago, FBI agent Josh Metcalf got hooked by a missing persons case concerning a young child. Now, he’s compiled over 700 cases, all with only two things in common, but he’s never solved one. Now he has to.

At the same time, a beautiful Meteorite Hunter for NASA’s Spaceguard program is realizing that something about her past does not make sense, after she’s sent a simple card with 2 words on it in the mail.

Now they’re both heading for the end game. Too bad neither of them have a clue what that is.-Goodreads


The Faithful Review

The Faithful by S.M. Freedman had everything I love in a book in it. Beautiful imagery, developed characters, the perfect pace, and a plot that kept me turning pages. Add in a touch of the preternatural and supernatural, plus scenes that made me laugh so hard I spill my adult beverages, and you have the perfect formula for afternoon imagination-fueled romp.5 Star Rated Review

This is a book that keeps you glued to the pages, as the author gives you a world where those who have evolved with special abilities don’t really set out to save the world. Well, to be specific, they want to save the world, they just don’t want to save humanity. A darker point of view from your usual people-with-super-powers type read, Freedman does a great job of balancing power, responsibility, and sheer human will to do the right thing.

Overall, The Faithful by S.M. Freedman was just a fantastic read by a breakout author that has the ability to sweep the hours away from you whilst you’re caught up in this mix of urban fantasy and thriller. I would highly recommend you check out The Faithful now on Amazon.

Title: The Faithful | Author: S.M. Freedman (site) | Publisher: Thomas and Mercer (site) | Pub. Date:2015-09-29 | Pages: 415| ISBN:1503948048 | Genre: Fantasy & Young Adult | Language:English | Triggers: Sexual Coercion | Rating: 5 out of 5 | Source: I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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