The Dog Who Ate the Airplane Review (Cozy Mystery)

The Dog Who Ate the AirplaneThe Dog Who Ate the Airplane Synopsis: Adam Swope needed a change of pace. He’d been a crime reporter in Chicago who had unwittingly made a name for himself as a “finder”, but it was getting to him. He takes a break from things and ends up taking a job in the small town of Canary Corners. The locals are interesting, his house is apparently haunted, and along the way he comes into ownership of Bagel the Beagle. Soon Adam’s finder instincts are tingling as Canary Corners has its first murder in at least ten years. -Goodreads


The Dog Who Ate the Airplane Review

This is a solid story that aches to be classified as ‘light reading’ although it actually deals with some serious topics.  It was definitely good enough to keep me happily reading from beginning to end, and I found myself easily visualizing the characters and town of Canary Corners. (In fact, Adam Savage from Mythbusters IS Adam Swope in my mind now and forever more!)4 Star Rated The Dog Who Ate the Airplane Review

I actually thought ( as I’d pretty much judged a book by its cover and downloaded it without reading the synopsis ) that I was going to be reading a true children’s book. I thought it’d be a bit funny, a bit cute, etc, with a simple mystery inside. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found!  There were no glaring errors like you often see in self-published books, there was only one formatting error (random sentence hi-lighted at 91%), so it definitely earns every single one of the Cool-thulhus I’ve given it.

Now, you can almost always find something to pick at in a story that needs to be improved, and here’s mine: I feel like the author tried too hard to make Adam the ‘likable rich guy’ and by about 3/4ths of the way through the book, I was tired of him telling everyone he was rich, but he only wanted people to know so they wouldn’t feel bad about -insert item here-. He seems over-the-top gregarious. However, he is a likable, quirky character, so its not too bad at all.

I will say, when looking at the Goodreads synopsis, I was very happy to see the author’s note that the Adam and Bagel mystery books are ‘gentle’ books where we can be assured we will never see any cursing, overt sex, or gore. As the name of my blog suggests – I love horror and scifi – but I also love finding books that I can earmark as stories to read with my child when she gets a bit older, and books like this definitely fit the bill!

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Title: The Dog Who Ate the Airplane | Series: Adam and Bagel #1 | Author: Edward Coburn | Publisher: Self-published | Pub. Date: 2012-10-1 | Pages: 218 | ASIN: B009KSXOE2 | Genre: Mystery | Trigger Warnings: Child abduction, mentions of dead children (well handled, resolved early on.) | Date Read: 2015-9-4 | Source: Kindle Unlimited